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Author Comments

Uploaded a new version.

What is monvernt?
It's a multidirectional shooter as well as a very, very, VERY horrible misspelling of "movement".

You're a thief who managed to escape from prison, and all you have is your trusty gun, which can shoot bullets either rapidly or normally. There are no ammo crates (for now) and you have only a limited amount of bullets, but thousands of police (which keep on coming!)

Survival mode: Move your mouse to set the angle to shoot, then click to shoot. If you're using rapidfire mode (A) then hold down the left mouse button to continue shooting. Press (D) to switch to normal mode. You'll have to reload your ammo every time you shoot in normal mode, and if you're using normal mode you need to click once, then release the mouse, click again to shoot, release, click again to shoot, etc. Stay away from the police -- they lower your health! Your speed is also proportional to your health, and it takes a lot more energy to fire a long string of bullets in succession. See how long you can survive!

~ Gimmick

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I was drawn in by the name..

and I didn't think this flash game was the worst I've ever played. Though, I've never made a flash before, I thought (in my humble opinion) that the music was cool and I liked that I could customize my difficulty. The reasons I gave it a 6/10 and not a 10/10 was because...
1. I wish I could shoot the NYPD while they were still moving rather than when they stopped in front of my face.
2. I think the green background is supposed to be grass, but the color hurt my eyes after a while, and maybe some grass detail (if that is what it was)
3. Maybe the dots were intentional and if so, I think more detail in the background (like a birds eye view flower- yes I'm a girl-or a bird) would have really displayed your art skills and made the game more interesting.

Well thats just my joe public opinion. Good luck!

Gimmick responds:

1) You can, but only if you're fast enough, or running away from them.
2) It is grass, and sadly I can't draw grass (i'm a programmer, not an artist)
3) The lines were supposed to be part of the antialiasing thing -- If you chose High, then it would lag more, if you chose medium then it would be crap quality but lag less, and low would be horrible, but good fps.
Thanks for the review!

tisk tisk

really you submitted this if it is your first flash i can understand (I'm not sure if it is) but still no terrain no health no power ups bad music no medium setting i couldn't move for a while for some reason and only up and down to move my my my and do you think i care about the story it doesn't even make sense for a circle to be a thief the only thing i liked where the first few seconds the angry faic cops (few of them) and the difficulty setting which i didn't even use you get two or make that a one

Gimmick responds:


1) IRL, do you think a thief, or anyone guilty of a crime will have health crates, or ammo on the road just "lying there"?
2) You can set your own settings in the "Custom" mode.
3) UP and DOWN to move towards or away from the direction of the mouse.
4) Circle thief......Overhead view. Still, I'll try to improve.
5) I....don't understand.

Still, thanks for the review -- I can already see people rating this low. Also, this was a test, to see if people liked it or not -- the final game is much better.

Credits & Info

4.50 / 5.00

May 3, 2011
6:56 AM EDT