Carveola incident

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"The war was finally over. The Mother of all wars, that's how they called it. We survived. They trained us well. But, nothing, NOTHING could ever prepare us for what came ... " - sgt. Kirley

Features :

Story mode : 15 levels
Survival Mode - survive as long as possible
Challenge Mode : 6 challenges with preset equipment
Achievements : 8(with awards)
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This game is sickening in the way a zombie game should be. The fact that magic was fought right after the Great War was ending is disturbing as these men once fought each other and now had to fight together against the corpses of those they once knew or had killed. This is a very good trench game and it sent a few chills down my spine with the music and concept.

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I liked it. The end of the campaign was a little sudden, though. Some sort of boss fight would have been nice. The strategy I ended up using was to concentrate all of the soldiers on the left of the trench. They could cover 2/3 of the trench without much help, and I could cover the last 1/3. Never really used the artillery all that much. And the Thompson was a waste of money, because it's not accurate enough to get headshots or even consistently hit zombies(other than the big fat ones).

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enjoyable but unchallenging

simple but enjoyable , good be better with more enemies and level but overall good story and a fun time waster

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serious flaws

1. I accidentally picked the wrong gun to use, and once you leave the Shop screen and go to the mission briefing screen, you can never go back to change your gun. This was a problem because I had no chance of beating the next level with my weak gun, which meant no chance of advancing in the game. You need to give players a chance to go back to the Shop screen, either on the mission briefing screen or from the main menu.
2. What's the difference between the most expensive 2 units and the cheaper units, since the statistics show that they're not any better?

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Needs work

This game needs some work (balancing). First, the game was too easy. If you strictly buy German infantry, it wont take long until you wont take long before the bots will take care of the entire level by themselves. The units are very unbalanced. Why are the units separated by country with such huge differences in DPS? I'm not a history buff, but im pretty sure American troops werent a bunch of craptastic soldiers in comparison. Could have added grenadiers, and what not instead of just infantry and MGs. The personal guns were garbage too. The 2nd to last gun had a higher DPS than the thompson (for half the price, calculated by dmg/rate of fire). Anyway, the zombies and the game in general was just too repetitive. Only reason i finished it was out of pure boredom.

TL;DR: Game needs balancing: unit and difficulty balance. Decent game, needs polishing.

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4.10 / 5.00

May 3, 2011
6:06 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person
  • Daily 4th Place May 4, 2011