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Heard the news last night about Osama and just had to make something. Here you go! The FIRST Twisted Comix animation!


Here's my take...

1) Pakistan must have known he was sitting in their backyard like that. We flew into their air-space to do the raid, but afterwards they didn't complain about it. This coming from a country that's always complained about anyone else stepping foot in their country w/o authorization. They're the equivilent of the a-hole guy standing off to the side whistling innocently. You know they were harboring him.

2) You know where terrorist numero uno is. He's the mastermind behind all kinds of stuff. But do you go in there, CAPTURE him, and take him some place to interrogate to get more info from? No, you go in with guns blazing and KILL the guy. WTF? He could have been a valuable information source, but they just laid him to waste like that. That's pretty unprofessional from a military intelligence stand-point.

3) Killing him just made him a martyr in the eyes of his followers. They're already brain-washed. It won't stop them, just make them more fervent.

4) Since when do we give an F about giving some PITA terrorist, especially one like Osama, a proper Islamic burial. If anything, this guy deserves an improper burial. Did all the folks in the world trade center get proper burials? No. F this guy. Why did they go to all this dog-n-pony show about making it clear they gave him a proper burial? Is it to appease other Islamic nations? Screw them. What have they done? All they do is abuse their citizens and make empty promises. And us, like idiots, keep listening to their two-faced lies and doing business with them. We're really idiots.

5) They've known where he is for some time ... why did they wait now to make the raid? He could have been plotting and pulling off more crimes with the time they waited. You'd think the minute you learn where Osama is, you go in and get him. Obama makes it sound like they waited until he gave the order. If that's the case, Obama's a retard that doesn't understand that criminal masterminds can do a lot of damage every second they exist.

6) Security around the United States ramped up the day after, as if the terrorists were going to do an immediate retaliation. No. They've proven to be smart, and bide their time. They're going to wait for a year or so until everyone's gotten complacent again, then do somethig else. And, it won't be striking national monuments. No, it will be somethign like the World Trade Center, which was a critical financial hub. They don't want to kick us in the nuts...which is just insulting...they want to do real damage. Attacking a national monument is like kicking someone in the nuts...it's insulting, but overall doesn't have a big impact to the infrastructure of a country.

This isn't conspiracy theory crap...these are valid points to take into consideration. You find the guy, but wait to go get him. Red Flag #1. You go get him...and SHOOT him instead of taking him alive. Red Flag #2. You give him a proper burial at sea. Red Flag #3. Pakistand is a two-faced liar, but we're still doing business with them. Red Flag #4.

i dont know

but i hope he is. good video though


I fell for the medal :(

I had to play it over several times to get what that chick was saying (and I still don't know all she is saying)...it was good, garnered a little whole-hearted chuckle.

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don't go to penn station for the next couple weeks

... or grand central. Also, I'm very happy to see two toons from you in such a short amount of time ... a sign??

Tystarr responds:

lol it sucks cuz I have to take the train to my job on certain days... thanks for putting that fear in me now. LOL

ahh hah nice

hey hey now, some of them conspiracies aint been dis-proven yet :p

glad you made it to pico man, good to see you

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