Man Man 3

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It's finally here, after almost a year and a half, we bring you the sequel to Man Man 2.

Much effort and love has been put into this, so I really hope you guys enjoy it.
Super thanks to OnionsXD for putting this son of a bitch together. And thank you TheFabs for helping us out with this. :D

Allright now, watch the cartoon....and enjoy!


Milk me..

Not only did I trip over my own feet trying to find a skit in this actually funny, I also strained my eyes trying to find art that wasn't resemblant of a 5 year old or and autistic, or a 5 year old autistic. Some of Cristo's skits were alright aesthetically because he didn't try to do more than he could, Onion's were just hard to look at (especially use of gradients, eww!), and the Fab IMO has a bit of drawing ability, but animates like a 5 year old and has the humor of one.
Awesomefaces and XD's? Epic win? Is it fucking 2004? I'm not being an elitist or anything (at least I'm not trying to), I just really hate to see humor that uses memes, especially ones no normal human uses anymore. When and if people watch this in 10 years, they won't get the reference. I find the trait of an animation's ability to be considered timeless a good thing because it makes it more accessible to watchers. Also it doesn't make you look like a huge tool and/or "faggot"
In terms of humor, never be afraid to push the envelope or make fun of someone or something. Do something spontaneous, or zany! And not any of the "PIZZA! HAHAHA I IZ TEH RANDOM X3" type shit made into the bonfire of weaboo bonfires over the internet, some actually funny. I'm not saying go and call some random a mean name, I just don't like watching little campy skits that look like they were made for a version of MAD that would only air on Nick fuckin Junior.

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Campy humor mixed random XD Humor mixed with bad animation mix it all together and you get a ugly flash that hurtsmy eyes.

This looks like a generic version of that terrible ASDF thing tom made only without ugly stickmen and the wacky tweenfest.

Seriously, Update your humor. Or at least be clever about it.

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Well I'm actually pretty fond of short skit based Flashes and this one pulled it off quite well, my only beef with it was that a lot of the humour was simple anticipation based jokes (somethings gunan happen, oh wait it didn't, oh wait, it did it anyway)
As for the animation, I liked the variety you had and the timing of the shots was pretty nifty!


Just amazing, you guys really did a great job on this :) I'm glad that you were able to fix all the problems within the flash movie, this was really enjoyable to watch :D


nothing but the fun!

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2.45 / 5.00

May 2, 2011
9:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Original