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took a while to upload hope its not too late!
this animation... was a living hell.
i had huge problems from start to finish with this little bastard but... it is uploaded now. well half of it is.
this is no where near finished (thats why there is no sound) but none the less i uploaded what i had.
if you want to know more about what happened during the animation process or some of the behind the scenes stuff i will be updating it on my blog at dommifresh.wordpress.com
happy pico day


only half done...

I know your art, and my respect for your drawing skills.
This little movie also shows us your abilities, I belive you that making this must be a whole lot of work!

But, sorry to say that, this project is merely half done. As much as I like the art of it, I dislike the total lack of any sound. Hearing the wind blow in the distance, or some off-voice telling a story - that would have fitted perfect. And the voice from the off could have helped to create any kind of storyline as well.

I don't wanna judge the entire project right now, that would be unfair. This moive so far can only get 5 stars. In my opinion you should have finished the movie with sounds and the complete story before posting it.
When this is complete, I bet it will be in the Top5 - Pico day or not, the potential is there. Good luck, I'm curious to see the finished movie!

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dommi-fresh responds:

i agree with there cause it is half done :P


Honestly, I think it's better without sound. Makes it more dramatic. Nice animation (thought it was roto), and I'd love to see the rest.

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dommi-fresh responds:

i will finish it but i thought i should atleast upload something for pico day


This is quite good, i quite like how the it looks like the wind is blowing

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dommi-fresh responds:

it was a little windy when we did the filming part

Like the Roto ;)

Looks pretty good. Rotoscoping can be a pain at times since its FBF. A little clean up on the color fills so the guy isn't see through at times, will make it look so much better. Sound of course but no big deal. In all its not bad. Look forward to see the whole project.

dommi-fresh responds:



This video is really cool! Even if it doesn't have any sound!

I love your animation, because we don't see animation like that a lot of time.
Even without sound, I was like: '' Wow, NOW we're talking about animation!''

In my opinion, sound is not necessary. I enjoyed this video like one with sound in it.

My criteria are:

1-Originality----10/10 ( You really deserve it / Animaton)
2-Effort------10/10 ( Just by reading ''Author comments'' I was already sure that a
lot of effort went in your video. )
3-Quality---10/10 (Your graphics don't suck. They're really good, indeed.)

I love this video!
Rocket-Kid :D

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dommi-fresh responds:

thanks dude i will post the entire animation with sound when its done properly

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3.44 / 5.00

May 1, 2011
11:38 AM EDT

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