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Comedy - Parody

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May 1, 2011 | 9:56 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This video is no longer available by me; the creator.




Rated 0 / 5 stars


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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

reviewing based on what I see

Well, I wanted to give you a 10 at first but then I noticed you missed out on some points because you lacked certain things that would make this movie good. So here come the thing I think you should have done differently so you can improve for the next time:

-1 point: the lack of sound, I'm not hearing anything in this flash, no sounds and not even some background music.

-1 point: no colour: I like your idea of something simplistic, like this could have been the work of a 3 year old, but the lack of colour makes it seem cold and not as alive as a drawing from a 3 year old.

-1 point: I noticed a typo in the second word. Unless you really wanted to write ''nol'' instead of ''not'' I might give that one point back to you. But I don't remember ''nol'' to be an english word. And I know you haven't been to any fancy art school, but you should at least have the education to write the word ''not'' properly.

-2points: The indication the this is an adult animation. Before i could play this flash I got a notice that I contained adult material, and even though there wasn't any actual adult content, I was shocked to see the noticed, because you said on your profile here on newgrounds, that we shouldn't be worried for you won't post any adult meterial here on newgrounds.

-2 points: the lack of animation. The file info on the left says that this is a movie. And a movie has pictures showing so it creates the illusion of movement. I didn't see any movement in this flash at all. I was being mislead once again.

-2 points: The foul language in the author comment. you said I could trust you on your profile on not getting any adult themes. But the language in the author comment sure was adult. And I thought I could trust you. And I have been mislead for a third time (wich is the reason why this issue takes 2 points instead of one).

Wich leaves you with one point. Wich if for the way you wrote the word ''any'' at the bottom left.
If you look at the letter ''N'' you'll notice that it looks like a sad mouth like in a sad smiley-face. And the "A'' and ''Y'' look like two sad deformed eyes, in wich the sadness represents the sorrow of the flash no longer being available and the deformed shape represents the quality of this flash.

I hope this review has inspired you to continue practicing your skills so you can one day make something like a drawing of a 4 year old instead of one of a 3 year old. And I strongly suggest that should not eat a cat, as it will not improve the quality of your flash.

-Hugs and kisses:


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SamanthaKirby94 responds:

Perfectionist....I wasn't even trying!! This has 0 effort and skill. So XP


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Sorry. It was bad. All you did was audio rip = Kirbys = EPIC LULZ HAHAHA-

No. This was not creative, it wasn't original, the lip-synching was mediocre at best and the animationn itself was poorly made. Tell me, did you even try on this at all? Even ifthis was original, the animating was poorly done. I could barely watch 10 seconds of this, let alone the whole video.

On top of that, lip-synching may be something for YouTube or TRuploader, or anything else for that matter, but I can say it most certainly does not belong on NewGrounds.

I give this a 0.

SamanthaKirby94 responds:

FYI, I tried my best. It's my first attempt with sprite animation. Instead of complaining like that's all you can do, at least give some advise on how I could improve.

Fuck off and don't ever return.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


But i think u NEED to continue ...

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SamanthaKirby94 responds:

I'mm going to. Thanks for the ten.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool :D

There's some work to do, but the movie in general is really great. Maybe a little bit too short, but we can understand the idea.

I don't know if you maked the music in it, but I love it :D This is a great exemple of originality.

I give my jugement with those criteria:

1-Originality-----You own a 9/10
2-Effort------8/10 ( My opinion, but I know you've worked had)
3-Quality--- 6/10 ( Your characters are perfect, but you should try to move the real
kirby mouth.)

You're good! Make more video :D

Cause like I say: '' More you make, better you are ''

Rocket-Kid :D

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SamanthaKirby94 responds:

Thanks for the review. FYI, the audio is Pablo Fransicso's stand-up joke.

Thanks. I'll try to make the mouth a bit better.