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Pico! Get Your Dick Back!

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Author Comments

PICO - (8==D) == 'THIS GAME'

Love You, Newgrounds!

()-)( GAME MANUAL )(-()

CLICK to SHOOT (you can hold it down)

*A* and *D* - Move Left and Right (respectively)

JUMP = *W*
DOUBLE JUMP = *W* (while in the air)

TIPS - Hit the Red-Headed Gentleman with your splooj until he is radiating with it. Then deflect one of his thrown butcher knifes back at him. Be sure to remember to double jump to avoid certain attacks.

()-)( MANUAL END )(-()

Based on a True Story.

038 - Cigarettes
008 - Cups of Coffee
005 - Days to Complete
007 - Hours of Sleep
099 - Problems but a sweet Cock Joke ain't one

Love You.

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wow the animation and the voice is actually good 0_0

The backstory is fun but the game isn't. Not like your awesome herp game.

Oh my god i LOVE this its soo funny Its AWESOME!!

ItsTheAshtray responds:

love you

My Name is Pico.

I got my dick back.


Lol pico's dick is bleeding!!

ItsTheAshtray responds:

That's not funny.