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Pico Jones

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Oooo Tom thanks for Frontpage! <3

This isn't your typical Pico Day toon. After last years submission, people responded really well to seeing Adult-Pico in a different, more realistic setting. This year, I tried taking it one step further, putting him into a bizarre epic adventure. Go big or go home right?

Also, i really wanted to do something that was like indiana jones/uncharted but in space, so that's kind of where this came from. It kind of just worked out to put Pico in there.

Happy Pico Day! I hope you like it :)

To be concluded - Pico Day 2012


Love it!

I have to say :D
I love the concept, the drawings, and the animation!! :DD
looking forward to the next one! :DDD (crosses fingers and hope it doesn't release on next pico day ;P)

That was badass

My only complaint was that was the Least Pico Pico day animation I've ever seen.

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Make more. XD

It was really good. I loved the art style, the story, and how it all flowed. It kept me drawn in, and will be waiting for the sequel. Awesome job man. .l,,l


It's not like any Pico cartoon I've ever seen, but it was really good, nice job.


I like what you did with Pico in this; it wasn't the average video with him as you said. The sound was a little "eh" and the scene kinda came out of nowhere but overall a good video. It has potential to be a yearly series but if you do want to conclude it next year I suggest making it a little longer and explain what's going on better than you did in this one. Good job.

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