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Warriors of the Portal

rated 4.46 / 5 stars
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Apr 30, 2011 | 11:29 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged April 30, 2011
  • Weekly Users' Choice May 3, 2011
  • Review Crew Pick May 3, 2011
  • Daily Feature May 1, 2011

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Hail to the King 5 Points Support Pico Day
C-C-Combo Breaker 10 Points "Parry" the attack to save the Alien
Change of Perspective 10 Points Evade "A" freezing death
Erotic Bonus 10 Points Find the erotic scene in the Character Info Menu
RT I like it 25 Points Gigantor survives the battle
Screw you Asimov 25 Points Mindchamber survives the battle
Cameo I Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Cameo II Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Cameo III Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
WTF? FTW! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

EDIT: OMG Thanks everyone for the amazing Reviews and critics, the information helps me a lot
"Deflektor" told me that he will upload the music to the Audio Portal Soon, for the peoplo who liked the soundtrack

Happy Birthday Tom, And Happy Pico Day Everyone

"The NG Characters have been locked in cells, the doors will open one by one and they must kill every oponent if they want to survive"

NOTE: About the "C-c-combor Breaker" and "Perspective change" medal, Timing is really important to unlock them, the clues are on the medal description

This movie have 2 endings, that will appear randomly (50%-50%)
Thanks for the Medal Aprooval Psycho Goldfish

I want to thanks to Jorma Poyer, Jose Ortiz, Josiah Brooks, Victor Fiore, Chris Voigt, Jeff Bandelin and Jose Ferrin. This was a freaking amazing experience doing this movie during this months. I hope to see you all on PicoDay2012

Technical Information
-Modeling Time: 6months
-Animation Time: 4 months

Software used:
-Autodesk 3D Studio Max (Modeling and Animation)
-Vray (Rendering)
-Adobe After Effects (Compositing)
-Adobe Photoshop (Textures)
-Adobe Premiere (Editing)
-Adobe Soundbooth (Audio)



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Felt Like an Unrealized Video Game

I need to go against the majority here. This flash is good, but I can't say it is great. I will not give it a 10 just because it features so many NG characters from over the years. What worked best for me was the overall quality of the CGI. The character rendering was a great surprise. Movements were, for the most part, smooth and overall had a realistic feel to it. The fight scene between Gigantor and Mindchamber was nicely done.

What didn't work was the pacing. There was no direction to it. Most characters seemed to be "cast" in the flash only for the sake of appearing. The net result is that none of the characters get to do anything interesting. The "plot" of the flash is that characters fight to the death until there are two left, but we never get to see those deaths. Except for Gooseman. And it felt like his face time was because you had more than one line of dialog for him. Otherwise the viewer sees a fight start, but not end. The plot should move right to the point, rather than present the start of a fight and then just drop it. When you abruptly cut to the final fight, the viewer asks, "well, how did they get here?" Certain artists also seem to be disproportionally represented. I can somewhat understand that, especially in Tom's case since this is a Pico Day Flash. But having a character like Puppy from RAB, in full-on "Fucking Fucker" mode, or even Blockhead doing something completely nonsensical to win a fight over a superior opponent, would have added some much needed variety and humor to otherwise monotonous content. And how can you have a plot line surrounding King of the Portal without Strawberry Clock? Instead of truly feeling like a battle between "Warriors of the Portal," it felt more like pandering to the audience and particular artists.

Aspects of the animation that need improvement: There are several points where you can click on Easter eggs in the flash to view/change scenes, but none affect the outcome. This is fine for users who want the challenge of finding Easter eggs, but pointless otherwise. Instead of paying attention to the flash, users are clicking around with the mouse and mashing the keyboard. The images were rather dark and dull-colored and uninteresting to look at. And the voice work felt rather flat. I would expect characters in life-or-death situations to sound more animated. The viewer won't be invested in the action if the characters do not sound like they are invested in the action.

In sum, the presentation was great, but the potential of such an epic tale was never fully realized. I suspect a LOT of time when into rendering the characters as well as you did. But you didn't give those wonderfully rendered characters anything to do except to show up and then leave. Even if nothing else changed about the flash, simply showing a few seconds of the END of each fight, instead of a few seconds of the beginning, would have improved the quality drastically.

PS: I would have loved to see Mindchamber squash Foamy in about 0.5 seconds. But that's just me.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Credit where it's due...

This seems like it took a lot of work. Modeling like that and animating this whole thing definitely had to be rough. Kudos on accomplishing this in that regard, I'm sure a lot of work went into it. However, looking at it objectively, based not on production but instead focusing on the end product (as all media is generally reviewed) this seems overhyped to me.

First of all, while this would look dandy on a video site, the grainy resolution of the exported video looks pretty crappy when stacked up against the clear and vibrant colors of an animation that's purely flash. This also affects the animation in the sense that it feels slow a lot of the time, like they're kids making a fight movie so they're pulling their punches shortly before impact.

Also disappointing is the fact that with so many well known NG characters with so much potential the final battle focuses on gigantor and mindchamber. While I respect their artists and realize they've accomplished things in their own right, the characters themselves are lame choices for an epic final battle.

The "plot" is also pretty weak. Everyone is caged and forced to fight... Because. All so that Pico can rule the portal or something. First of all, this seems amazingly out of character for Pico, but ignoring that, who is considered to be ruling the portal in this flash? Pico's already as close as you can get to supreme master of the portal, unless you count Strawberry Clock, but there'd be no need to obliterate everyone just to take out SBC. And if you did, there'd be no one left to rule. Pico wouldn't be ruling the portal so much as emptying it so that he could live alone for all eternity, which again makes no sense.

Overall, this is very impressive for what it is, but it's kind of like starting a farm, home growing crops so that you can create noodles, slaughtering your own cow so you can get meat, harvesting so that you can make your own spices, and putting a so-so meal on the table when your kid asks for hamburger helper. Just cause you chose the hardest method doesn't make the gritty noodles and stringy meat taste any better.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


I CANT MAKE IT TO THE SECRET MEDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!! but good game


Rated 3 / 5 stars


It's good to see that newgrounds is moving in a 3-dimensional animation scheme. The software you used is dated back to playstation and n64 graphics but I like that someone is trying something different. As far as the voicing, you could have gotton some new voice recordings instead of using already made ones because the ones you used didn't mix in at all with the environment.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty but boring

The 3D animation was nice and all that, even if it did look a bit choppy and compressed when converted to flash, but... it just wasn't really that interesting a movie. I know the plot wasn't exactly the point, but it's about as well developed as the plot of Sonic Riders. "Hey guys what if... the heroes from all these flash series FOUGHT TO THE DEATH!?" There isn't really a story to speak of here, just meaningless, boring violence with well-known characters (which I guess is the point of Pico day, oh well.). Oh, and the voice acting is a bit lacklustre to boot.

This movie just goes to show, that even with hard work, ten months and the best tools in the business, you can still turn up drivel if you don't have a good idea.