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Warriors of the Portal

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Hail to the King 5 Points

Support Pico Day

C-C-Combo Breaker 10 Points

"Parry" the attack to save the Alien

Change of Perspective 10 Points

Evade "A" freezing death

Erotic Bonus 10 Points

Find the erotic scene in the Character Info Menu

RT I like it 25 Points

Gigantor survives the battle

Screw you Asimov 25 Points

Mindchamber survives the battle

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

EDIT: OMG Thanks everyone for the amazing Reviews and critics, the information helps me a lot
"Deflektor" told me that he will upload the music to the Audio Portal Soon, for the peoplo who liked the soundtrack

Happy Birthday Tom, And Happy Pico Day Everyone

"The NG Characters have been locked in cells, the doors will open one by one and they must kill every oponent if they want to survive"

NOTE: About the "C-c-combor Breaker" and "Perspective change" medal, Timing is really important to unlock them, the clues are on the medal description

This movie have 2 endings, that will appear randomly (50%-50%)
Thanks for the Medal Aprooval Psycho Goldfish

I want to thanks to Jorma Poyer, Jose Ortiz, Josiah Brooks, Victor Fiore, Chris Voigt, Jeff Bandelin and Jose Ferrin. This was a freaking amazing experience doing this movie during this months. I hope to see you all on PicoDay2012

Technical Information
-Modeling Time: 6months
-Animation Time: 4 months

Software used:
-Autodesk 3D Studio Max (Modeling and Animation)
-Vray (Rendering)
-Adobe After Effects (Compositing)
-Adobe Photoshop (Textures)
-Adobe Premiere (Editing)
-Adobe Soundbooth (Audio)


Perfection seeked

I have to say that I found this to be rather excellent actually. Also considering how long you spent to make a 3D CGI animation short to put on Newgrounds is groundbreaking as well. Also nice to see there were a few medals added to it so people can interact a bit as well which makes it even greater to watch. I also for some reason found the song March of The Pigs and Wish by Nine Inch Nails to be two completely fitting songs for this animation too.

The characters used were good since I recognized everyone except for the female human character put in here. Funny how no matter what Pico mocks them all in the end stating that there was nothing to stop him from becoming King of The Portal since they all killed each other off one by one. The fights and blood were good looking as well. Funny and sad how both Darnell and Nene get killed off despite being friends of Pico one would assume they team up to kill everyone else so they can escape and get back with Pico as they work as a team to get Pico to the top.

The storyline was really nice. They all wake up dazed and confused in a deep area finding out they must fight each other to get out of the place alive which is kind of crazy since even friends became enemies. Also I am guessing Hank was one of the medal characters since I never even saw him fight either. Funny how the huge blast from P-Bot was not enough to take out Mindchamber and in the end it was two of Mindchamber's creations that fight each other to the death on the surface too! Then either of them have to get ready for a final confrontation with Pico who has an endless chain in his chaingun I see. That was completely interesting.

The animation was mind blowing here. The last time I saw someone even bother trying to get an effect of being 3D looking was Weebl, the person who did Trannyformers, and that other guy who did the animation series "Battle for the Portal". This piece was good though considering anyone with a bit of experience on working with 3D models (I have tried working with them for a class) can tell you that they take a very long time to work on as well. I think this was good considering you do a lot of stuff for the art portal, still nice to see you were working on something for the flash portal rather slowly but progressing along and enjoying how close you were to finishing it until you got done and put it up on Newgrounds today!!

Lastly it was nice to see you made a call to arms for the creators of the characters used to come around and have their voices used for their people. they did a solid work with voices here as usual too. Sad to see how some got killed off too soon. Kind of feel sorry for the Time Fcuk creation since it had no attacks or way of defending itself in the first place. Cool but sad how we see Jazza's avatar in 3D yet he gets kills off as well too.

I have to say that overall, the time, effort, voice acting, scripting, and everything else used was well worth it considering how long you spent on this. Overall, you did an excellent job on this. I am glad to see you did another nice piece of work with other wonderful artists. I also hope to see you on Pico Day 2012, congratulations on this piece of work. I am glad to see how well it turned out.

Lastly, the medals were a nice touch of creativity here since they get users to wish to interact with the animation as well as watch it. I agree with your medal statements in a way. Watch it once then go back through and use the medal names as a clue of when to click something during this four minute long epic.

Overall, excellent piece for Pico Day I truly have enjoyed it down to the last drop here. I look forward to another CGI or flash drawn piece from you in the near or distant future, truly enjoyed it I did. Good collab here, lovely how everyone came together to help make a cool piece like this all possible.

Great work and kudos to everyone who took up the opportunity to work on this piece, it was well worth watching all they way to the end. <3 <3 <3

I wonder if this one will get things to go with it in the store as well...


Nice work with the 3d, I'm sure you're not taking any of the negative comments to heart. I wouldn't. Its easy for someone to rip something to shreds as a critic having never done the work themselves. The movements were slow but at least they were fluid. I say not bad for the relatively short time you had to work on it, not to mention coordinating with the other artists and VAs. Keep it up, moar of this please.

On a side note, it may be interesting to take this one animation further for next years submission and make it interactive to the point of having lots of different endings. I would be ok with that.

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I hate to break the consensus... well actually, no, I don't. You see, unlike everybody else in the fucking world, I'm not about to throw endless praise at something I didn't think met a standard.

Here's the thing, the fights, with the exception of the fight between Gigantor & MindChamber, were all uninteresting, unentertaining, ended way too fast & sometimes didn't even meet a conclusion. Such as the fight between Hank & Nene, what happened? How did Nene overpower & kill Hank? Did Hank die at all? Was it Hank that got squashed underneath Mindchambers hand? Was it Hank who was defeated by P-Bot? What ever happened to Sera & how did P-Bot come to be defeated? Was it Sera who defeated him & was in turn killed by the Tankmen? What was Larry's fate? What happened to Darnell? Where did they go? Did they fight each other? Did either of them fight Hank? Did Hank fight Sera at any given point? Why are there so many plotholes? What the fuck is going on that I'm NOT getting to see?

Any interesting fight only receives 15 seconds of screen time before cutting to another scene entirely for 15 seconds before rinsing and repeating. I don't like that, I don't like being left on a cliff hanger to wonder what the fight was like when I'm supposed to be seeing first hand what the fight is like. Famous and beloved characters like Hank and Sera only receive a mere cameo of 5 seconds before disappearing for the rest of the movie's duration to make room for mascot characters who, albeit get more time than any other character, barely have any screen time at all.

I understand that this movie is a short, but the only fight that was interesting to watch was the one between Mindchamber & Gigantor because you actually got to watch them brawl; the rest of it was like a montage scene from a Rocky movie; only ever showing us a fraction of what really happened. Only in the Rocky movies, it gave us the best parts of what happened during that time, where you just gave us barely the beginning of each fight before showing us the beginning of another.

I understand that the rest of the world is easily impressed by this, for no other reason than the CGI. However, I am never impressed by 3D graphics compressed into an FLV file, however good they look. As afor mentioned by other users before me, the action is slow paced for the most part; characters jump, punch & kick as though they were submerged under water.

I also have one other problem, what's the point of altering the course of a fight, say like the fight between Fcuk+Castle Crasher, if it doesn't alter the end result of the movie? It's not like I'll end up with Darnell+Hank brawling at the end instead of Gigantor+Mindchamber, so why not give options to determine who wins which fight if it'll continue following the same linear storyline it would with or without those options?

It was nicely presented and showed promise at first, but then it just took a dive. I did enjoy the erotic scene A.K.A. the 2girls1cup reaction video[s] parody.



Click the link that leads to the Pico Day page at the beginning menu.


When Darnell+Alien Homonid are fighting, mash down your arrow keys & the Q-W-E-A-S-D-F-R-Z-X-C-V keys as much as you can with your left hand.


Same principle as the combo breaker achievement, with the exception on hitting the arrow keys; that's not necessary.


Click Sera's icon twice in the character bios menu.


When Gigantor and Mindchamber enter the open arena, press the Y key to jump to the conclusion of their fight & hold down the G key until Gigantor wins.


When Gigantor and Mindchamber enter the open arena, press the Y key to jump to the conclusion of their fight & hold down the M key until Mindchamber wins.


When Red Baron & Gigantor fight, click Barons sword.


Click on the bug that appears beneath the sofa in the Erotic Scene.


Click Baron's cleaver at the Erotic scene.


Click Pico's head when he appears at the end.

This review is insanely well received!


I thought this was meant to be a flash portal... way to rape the competition... <3

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So freaking good.

Blows every flash on this site out of the water

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Credits & Info

4.46 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2011
11:29 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged April 30, 2011
  • Weekly Users' Choice May 3, 2011
  • Review Crew Pick May 3, 2011
  • Daily Feature May 1, 2011