Newgrounds: Retaliation

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3 Bronze Skulls 25 Points

Get Bronze or better on all 3 Arenas

3 Silver Skulls 50 Points

Get Silver or better on all 3 Arenas

3 Gold Skulls 100 Points

Get Gold or better on all 3 Arenas

3 Platinum Skulls 100 Points

Get Platinum or better on all 3 Arenas

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Angry Faic is leading a group of misfits and miscreants through Newgroundsville! Take control of Pico and put an end to their reign of terror! Fight in one of 3 different Arenas for as long as you can. Go for the highest score on the leaderboards or just try to get past 10 waves to get a Platinum medal for that level.

Blast different types of Villains from different Newgrounds flash games and movies; Uber Kids from Pico, Thingy Majigs from Chibi Knight, FBI agents from Alien Hominid and the Spiders from The Fancy Pants Adventures.

Get power-ups, jump up walls and slide around and shoot the enemies behind you Action Movie style! There are a selection of ways to go about navigating the Arenas and killing your foes.

Patch v1.1 (12/May/2011):
- Lowered Platinum requirement for Arenas down to Wave 8 (instead of 10).
- Lowered "requirement" for Secret Medal (Hint: you must complete a certain "special" wave).
- Added the ability to shoot while in the air.
- Added menu for customising controls (press [S] while near Tom in the main area).
- Fixed fast fingers so it works while on walls and running.
- Made shooting while running faster.
- Increased Power-up drop chance to 20% (up from 15%).
- Increased Uber Kids run speed slightly.


fun concept, but boring game

I really like the concept but the game play is just boring, almost pointless and way to many flaws. First controls are much to unresponsive which leave the player annoyed and makes game play annoying as hell and the lack of a jump and shoot feature, but I do like the slide and shoot. Also the enemy respawn rate is way to low and way to slow. I would advise a sort of upgrade system in this sort of game which gives the player some sort of something to gain by playing, a life bar because I had no clue if I could even die, harder enemies, and remove the upwards shooting feature because its pointless. If u do those things u would have a much more enjoyable game. :)

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I hated the controls, the was ok, I guess.

It was an average game, but the controls really bugged me. Why is "S" jump? why not the up arrow? I would have preferred a WASD layout and mouse for aiming.

I think the controls are probably the most important aspect of a game as they are the interface. if you get the controls wrong, it doesn't matter how good your game is, because no one will want to play it.


i won't go as far as to call it mediocer but come on man is there a jump button somewere i mean that kinda kills the control along with the just delay of the runing it's not impresive but it does have it's own perks just play the game and you'll see.


This is quite boring to play, the controls are unresponsive, the enemies are boring and predictable and they take far to long to spawn. Upgrade the spawn time and make more them tough and you would have a decent game.

Great game!

A tiny glitch is if a spider touches you while you are one a wall (May not happen all the time) It will launch you into the sky of the map stick you in the ceiling and will keep you there (It was the school map for me)

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Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2011
10:29 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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