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Protector of the Portal

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5 Waves 5 Points

Complete the First 5 waves.

10 Waves 10 Points

Complete the first 10 waves.

Upgrade Addict 25 Points

Upgrade everything to the max.

Author Comments

Here is my submission for Pico Day. This game was inspired by a combination of Portal Defenders, Newgrounds Rumble, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. All of the animation and programming are mine, with the help of a few tutorials for the codes. Thanks to impervioushedgehog36 for helping with the beta testing! This is my first Pico Day, so I'm very excited to see what you think of my game. A solid month of work went into the game, so I hope you really like it. Thanks for playing!

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Great game!

There are definitely problems with this game, but it isn't unbeatable.
- The guns only do damage to enemies nearby (which would go against the point of having a gun since it's suppose to be ranged weaponry). Guns is no different than fists in this game.
- the guns can also attack those behind you, even if your not facing in their direction.
- If you jump above the Uber kids, they will continually hit and juggle you until you get to one of the higher platforms
- If an Uber kid is above you on a higher platform, they will sometimes start punching.

And to address some of the other things people brought up
- It is true; you are not offered a lot of money for each kill at the beginning. Upgrade "cashing amount" to get more.
- In different games, Pico has been shown to be taller sometimes.
- If you alternate between attacking and blocking, the enemies can't hurt you.

And as for the game itself, it is simple and is a little bit of fun, but the problems and game limitations (one screen and no variation of enemies) does not help. There should also be better descriptions in the upgrade menu; one of the upgrades said "enemy attack strength". Some people might think if they spend money on that one, they are upgrading the enemy strength instead of decreasing it. The music is good. However, once you get all the upgrades and reach Wave 10, there really isn't anything else to do other than to keep fighting the same enemies over and over again with only their numbers increasing or quit. Still, this is better than any game I could make by myself. Good job and I hope to see improvement in your new games.

IndigenousDigitalist responds:

Thanks, I made this game awhile ago, it's nice to see that people still care about it. Since I made it awhile ago, a lot of those errors you pointed out were simply because I was inexperienced and didn't know enough about programming to make a better game, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

i love it because if you hit from the front pico can attack in the back while he hits in the front.the tall of pico is not the problem the kills is only 5$

pico isnt that tall...

hate it u can make it better if u give more money from killing the UK and there are so much god so.........