Portal Hoppin'

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To give Pico a break on his very own day, Tom and the NG crew decided to
substitute for the role of portal guards.

Special thanks to all the VAs who helped me out on this submission. Drop them a pm if you
want awesome voice acting!

Happy Bday Tom and Happy Pico day to all!



This is atually not bad this is actually a pretty good flash nice try

Good job guys



AMAZING animation... insanely smooth and high quality... Excellent work!

- Faust

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yes and no.

Animation was FANTASTIC.

but that was nothing like pico. NOTHING. RAWER.

Awesome Work

This was actually really entertaining.

The animation is where I give you guys kudos, because honestly, even though it was a bit overly tweened for my taste, you made it work. The quality looked almost to the par of Television! The artwork is in the same vein for me, I loved the style, especially the hands for some reason. Sometimes the faces bothered me, and I'm not sure exactly why. But for the most part I loved the unique style.

The music was very fitting for this and you used it at the perfect times that you should have. The voices were pretty good overall and suited the characters quite well. The dialogue was believable and entertaining. Only issue I had with the audio was at a few small spots there was a lack of sound or music, and it was a bit awkward. When things would crash or people would do something, I was expecting a sound effect, even a subtle one, but it was dead silent. That is the only problem I had with the audio, something very small but I thought I should point it out for future projects.

The writing is where I get a bit upset about this whole thing. I reviewed in the first place because the animation was really eye catching and great, but when watching it I couldn't help but feel like it was missing something.

Flash cartoons really abide by the same rules as video games and movies. That is, even if the movie/video game has awesome effects, actors, etc, the movie/game can still be poorly done JUST because of story or the writing.

Don't get me wrong, the writing was average, but the jokes and especially the punch line is where it lacked the most for me. Using the word "butt" felt really awkward for some reason to me. The fact that there was minimal blood from the bullet wound was also a bit strange to watch. The story was really scattered to me, and I was a bit confused when watching. I mean, I knew what was going on, but it just felt like this happens, then this happens, etc. No rhythm to the writing, and I predicted the ending from the start when Pico was overly concerned about his birthday getting screwed up.

I did, however, love the JohnnyUtah joke about him having his hands blocking his face the whole time, that gave me a smile. Other than that small gag, I didn't grin once. I enjoyed this a great deal, but didn't think it was funny.

In my opinion, if you're going to go for funny, go at it as hard as you can, or the whole thing feels a bit awkward to watch. I knew you were making jokes but didn't find them all that appealing. Other than that, great job.

Keep up the excellent work man.

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boybogart responds:

I totally agree with you and would probably think the same way if I were to watch this. Up until I joined NG, I was just an animator so you can say that I rarely got the pratice to write stuff. But I am trying to learn something new everyday especially in writing. Appreciate the constructive review man!


WELL TOM WAS SHOT FROM HIS ASS BUT HE CAN RUN I BELIEVE THERE'S SOME KIND OF LOGIC MISFAILU- hehe, it's a great animation boybogart. Well polished art great animatics and great voice acting. But it would be nice to hear some sound effects and voice acting at the chase scene. But still a great animation.

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4.35 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2011
6:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Frontpaged April 30, 2011
  • Daily 2nd Place May 1, 2011
  • Weekly 2nd Place May 3, 2011

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