Pico's Leap of Faith

April 30, 2011 –
May 23, 2019
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Pico's curiosity leads him into a life-changing experience.


1. Why is his name Pico?
2. Why does he only wear a green shirt?
3. Why does he have no legs?

pico look so weird with his weird smile and he only wear a green shirt???

God has been found.

Well in the end Pico does find god. On the tip of any one of those pointy spikes.

<deleted> responds:

Heh, that's one way of looking at it...

Thanks for reviewing!!

Alright, but...

It's good but it can get Sort of boring. All you have to do is to keep going after you die. It's not random at all, and all you have to do is have a good memory. otherwise it was pretty good.

<deleted> responds:

Your review is pretty good too! Thanks!

its ok

its pretty good I liked the world and everything but does it ever end?and I liked the music

<deleted> responds:

If and when it ends, you'll know it... for now, you'll just have to have faith!

If you enjoyed the music, check out the composer's Newgrounds page (http://bryce.newgrounds.com/). He's uploaded a lot of great stuff to NG's Audio Portal.

What a joke

to cokmpleat the game you need to see everythink comeing at one point you see a spike and when you go to a certan side you die just tease you botom line is the game is made for those to get angry

<deleted> responds:

The game might make you angry, but that wasn't my intention. Don't get depressed!

Does it end?

its a nice game but i just want to know if it ever ends?

<deleted> responds:

It's not about knowing... it's about believing!

big ups

i like the attention 2 detail and most of all the music woops i just died *jams to the beat*

<deleted> responds:

Thanks a bunch! Your music was really perfect for this. :)

Its okay

Its a pretty good minigame. It would be a lot more fun if it had a little bit of randomness in the obstacles and if the obstacles werent so soul crushingly difficult. Id recomend platforms with spikes rather than cups.

<deleted> responds:

The obstacles are easy to avoid if you can see into the future... which you can't. Thankfully, Pico is immortal and has the ability to unskewer himself from spikes and defy gravity, so you can try to avoid them as many times as you like. Isn't he a strange little fellow?


best... game... ever! some people might not see the whole game because of the intro. people, this is not a racist or religious game. its awesome! i like ur graphics, gameplay, and choice of music. well done stickman91, well done.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks! :)

So you made it past all the tough stuff, huh? Was it worth it?

Ok Game

The game goes to fast and it's hard to avoid any of the spikes and u have barley anytime to move to avoid the spikes, the 8-Bit Graphics are great but there are too mnay negatives to the game, but i guesse it's a alright game!

<deleted> responds:

I guess your guess is alright. Thanks for reviewing!

Interesting concept

Sorry if this isnt particularly great review, its my first time reviewing so dont expect to be perfect:
On the plus side, I love the 8-bit graphics, reminds me of good times and the music isnt bad, on the bad side though, the game is too fast in that you have to know which direction to go before you see the actual spikes to actually have a chance. I dont know how long it goes on for as I didnt bother to finish it sorry but I got
LLRLLLRRRLLLRRLLLLRR as the side you need to put pico on for the first 20 or so spikes.

<deleted> responds:

The more you learn from your mistakes, the farther you go!


What is this?The game is too fast and boring.Also the graphics suck.I hate 8-bit.

<deleted> responds:

What is it? It's the result of a lot of mouse clicks and key presses!


Well, it was interesting, but I found it to be too hard for it to actually be fun for me.

I like the 8 bit though!

<deleted> responds:

Life isn't always easy!


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2.84 / 5.00