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Flash Drumset

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Keyboard controls. Fun to play around with. Recording function was fairly difficult.

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It has potential. Make it so you can do custom key placement and if you need it, i can record my drumset for you to use better sounds.


When I decided to play this, I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought it could be fun. So I played around with it, and it wasn't so fun. But it could have been. Here are some things that could be done with it:

1. The key layout is really, really awkward. Try condensing them into one or two tight groups of keys to make it easier to play from a keyboard.

2. It has 5 drums but I really couldn't find the sounds I was looking for. You could add more options to the set, or allow us to adjust the levels of each instrument. That might help make it more what the player wants to play.

3. I liked the symbol sounds but they were very quiet, in some cases that would be nice in others it would not. Again allowing us to adjust the levels.

4. It seems to lag (pause) a bit between when you push the button and when the sound comes out (at least it did for me). This can make timing a bit awkward. But it is manageable.

All in all my biggest issue is the key setup.. The sounds, although they weren't what I was particularly looking for, were good and crisp and clear. None of your levels were too high. The recording did work very well and produced exactly what I played (played badly I might add). I think if you change the keys it would be more fun. I think if you give the player some control over the sound too it would be great fun.

Overall it works, but is a bit awkward and has some other problems. I can tell some effort went into it and it doesn't suck. I think 3/5 and 6/10 is fair. Keep up the good work, and keep trying.


Make it controllable with the mouse instead and you get a 10.

Its cool and all...

But it'd be a little better if the sound quality was better :D


I've seen a lot of drum kits made with Flash, and this one is about as good as the rest. There is no real drum feel to it, only a drum look. My high hat hand is the right, so I can't keep it constant while bass and snare are happening. Plus, the sounds get muffled when you do multiples. Also, you should make it so that 2 different keys produce the same sound, so you can do easier drum rolls and double bass and things like that. Sorry for the low score, buddy, I'm at least proud to see you trying. Good job with the programming, just gotta get it to feel a little more real so we can produce cooler sounds with it. Also, just for fun, you might think about putting selectable drum skins and styles, with programmable drum heads (like electric) so that we can go even further!

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2.54 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2011
8:37 PM EDT