[KK] rip numbers :'(

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Never before have so many members joined forces to create a tribute to a fallen friends.
This is the biggest collab this group has produced ever, with a total of 16 members contributing a piece. During the reconstruction, numbers died of mysterious causes. He was so young and the vital part of our group.
We all miss you dearly.
rip numbers :'(


The intro seemed promising, however only 2 of the interactive buttons work to reveal the same thing, more or less.

Their is not much information about this "Numbers" user, nothing in the submission gives us any details.
Though it is a fairly decent tribute, however it could of been better, such as the background could have done with much of the white background, and the "16 members contributing a piece" of flash tribute, only 2 work, the other 14 do not which is unfortunate as I was looking forward to these missing tributes.

The song of Hero was ok, but the biggest problem is that it loops unfortunately, making a mess of the movie when returned back to main menu.
Needs to be able to stop overlapping the songs.

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Wow, I had no idea there was a guy in your group who actually died! I am glad I came across this and it is interesting to see what the biggest collab you guys have ever worked on was. I guess I have to admire you for not having a lot of variety in your bits. It would have been annoying to have to watch so many. The coolest one was easily the people who made the song with Nickelback's "Hero" on part of it. It's a really great song.

What got annoying was how the music slopped over itself so much. At first I thought the Baby Bunch was another group here, but apparently it is not. You guys should always try to have a background on these things. At least the crying soldier picture was nice. Let us hope everyone will move on with this loss.

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PsychoKillerHare responds:



WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?? 111122223188, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE!? WHY!? He was just a child. An infant.. and now he's dead! Dead before he even knew what life was all about! What a tragedy!

This flash really speaks to me. The music fits his personality perfectly. The only thing I don't like is if you leave it playing, it overlaps. I'm not sure if you meant for this to happen but it gets rather annoying as it goes on. Despite this error, it's a tribute to a friend and a comrade.


Could be alot better

I don't understand what this is supposed to be, but whatever it is, it could have been done alot better.
Intro is really short, but even then it was stretched out with the little baby picture for too long. Most of the names just restart the baby bunch song when you click on them, and the other three just have the picture of the soldier getting bigger over a song.
If you click on more than one button then the songs start to overlap, and they dont appear to end at all. From what I can see, this isn't a collab at all, but rather a looping song with some buttons and two pictures.

A better explanation to what this is would be better, as well as some actually working buttons. Fixing the audio would also be good, so that the songs actually end, and don't just keep playing over each other. Finnally, adding some content to it would make it better, because right now this isn't really an actual animation.

1/5 1/10

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PsychoKillerHare responds:

You heartless wretch.

You has a glitch mah boi

If you press the back arrow, the songs keep playing. The flash itself, not absolutely awful, but certainly not good...just a bunch of crap that's been done to death...

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PsychoKillerHare responds:

Whats your problem? Cant you see we're in fucking mourning? OUR FRIEND JUST DIED.

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