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Gaia Defender

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In Gaia Defender you must defend your forces from hostile aliens while collecting alien DNA. Balance placing energy towers and units to achieve your goal. When it the tutorial click next in the lower right to continue through each instruction.


Way 2 ez

The game is way to easy to be good at, and after only playing until level 2 i was bored. You should definitely make the game more of a challenge to maintain interest. 3/10 2/5

Way too easy

This game was some fun. The graphics were decent and I very much liked the concept of placing more energy towers to gain more energy. This way it is really a decision to make, whether you want to invest in your economy or in your forces.

Some things i didn't like:
- You should think about the balance in this game. At level 3 I already managed to fill up the entire floor with marine guys. I think the right way to do this, is by making the energy towers more expensive. This way, it is really an investment to place a lot of enery towers. This way it is harder to get more energy.
- It should be easier/faster to unlock things. I've played untill level 3. Then it gets boring because it is only placing guys on the floor.
- The rounds are too long. I think it would be much bettter to make them a little shorter. It gets pretty boring after a while. Certainly since the enemies arn't spawning very fast.
- Make the game harder. Considering what i just said, it would make the game a bit harder and more interesting, instead of place a ton of little guys, while having a 1000 energy on bank.

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yeah... u know, i love this zombie stuff , but the alien, not so much, oh nevermind.
what i want to say is that, this is not so different that plant vs zombies.... so this is, i think, a copy of it. and not good enough to play 1 or 2 hours...

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Good game

Fun game, easy to over-power the aliens though if you build 6 energy towers.

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2.87 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2011
5:28 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense