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Mummy Defence

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Author Comments

The Egyptian empire is in turmoil! There are two military factions striving to gain control.

Your objective is to defeat the opposing Egyptian force by obliterating their palace.

You can crush the enemy palace by sending forth your mystical military units. You can research new units and upgrade them.

Build pyramid towers to defend your palace. The towers are essential if you have any hope for survival.

Good luck, bring peace to Egypt by crushing the enemy!

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You sure missed something

The game is not that hard lol.
But well, you need to add name and description of tower and unit.
I only used the first tower and unit, build tower first, then upgrade it, and send 40 unit when have the money.

Balance problem

Why should I research the other units? In fact, when I researched the second unit it cost more than my basic unit, but was weaker in every aspect. What the hell? Then I just keept upgrading and spamming my basic unit. DidnĀ“t need to do anything else.

Not sure if im missing something

I always start defense games on easy to get a feel of the game and what I can do before I excel, but I could hardly survive on easy. I'm normally a natural pro at defense games, but this was horrible. The enemies never stop, of give you a small period of time to think about what you will do. Towers get destroyed which cost a lost of money, so it all goes to waste pretty much. I continuously upgraded one of my guys to use him, and he kept getting destroyed. I once got to the front of their pyramid. I had to surrender the 5 or so times I tried this because I ran out of money and had no way of getting anymore. The enemies have the advantage because they instantly have more enemies, more money, and more defense. This was easy. I couldn't beat it nor get anywhere close. Make changes so that easy is.. well, easy. I felt like I was playing hard. Have a way of getting money nonstop, even if it's slow, so I don't have to keep surrendering just because my guys get destroyed instantly. Towers with heath wasn't a very good idea since it's so much money and they don't do a whole lot later on inless upgraded, but that doesn't mean that they can't get distroyed.

tl:dr, easy wasn't easy and I'm good at defense games. Make things more even or make it easier to survive on Easy. have better tutorial because I always study what I can do before I play a defense game, and the enemies instantly constantly rush me, so I have no time to think. Should be waves or something.

Fun and Intresting

unless i missed something, your towers have no names, or descriptions, it just says create tower, and the stats... are there a slow tower, or psn or multi shot?

other then that, its fun

Nice little game

This was a pretty interesting game to play mostly because the graphics are good. The only problem is that it can get confusing on how you're supposed to build everything. I think you're originally just going to send the guys after you and the towers you build are more extra things. The best thing is how the graphics move so clearly in this game. It's stuff like this that makes freeworldgroup impressive. It's a bit of a headstratcher when you're the only one credited with it.

I also like it how the characters just seem to plop around the screen. You really have to be wise with your spending, because pyramids are quite expensive. There's also a good amount of detail into the background. Now I can't tell if the defense word is spelled with a "C" or "S". It was funny to see the little bullets fly out of the characters' bodies.

Credits & Info

1.12 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2011
2:59 PM EDT