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This is a WORK IN PROGRESS, dependant on what you guys think, sorry it's so little at the moment, but its taken quite a while to get it this far.

Please note if this does well then I would happily put the time in to carry on creating it.
I just don't want to waste my time on a niche that doesn't exist, THANKYOU.

p.s I am aware of some of the glitches in this game at this point.

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To be honest the review below sums everything up. It's not finished and there's nothing to do but walk, jump, run and stab. It's a poor start and had you put more effort into creating just one complete level with an enemy I think people may have had more to go on. As it stands, this will probably be given poor ratings. But don't let that annoy or stop you, I'd love to see an assassin game. But this isn't anything yet.

pretty cool

i wanna play it when its done :)

BAD Art work...

If you cant draw then ask some one who can , maybe they will help you and then you will get higher score then 1.40...

3/10 BAD ART... and poor animation of your character. Can't tell is there a gravity script added??? i think not...

2/5 sry this game will not make any good impressions if it will look like that.


First, I would like to thank the people who submitted abusive reviews, my whistle status can always use more.

Second the game actually was pretty poor. I do understand that it is a beginning, but I don't grade on the merit of what something could become. That being said here are some things I think could be done to improve this:

1. The running animation looks fine, the jumping animation (shape) looks ok. The walking looks more like shuffling though, and the stabbing looks kind of like dancing. In fact until I was told he was stabbing I kind of assumed that was what I was doing. These should really be worked on (unless you are mocking something or it is intended to look like that).

2. You need to watch the hit detection (so the guy doesn't go through things he shouldn't.

3. You need to watch where you put the character, starting the level where you can't see the guy may not be the best of places.

4. As this does not have any enemies I can't say anything about how the battle dynamics are. But as you make the game you should think about how they should be. You are an assassin, does the noise you make matter? Do you have ranged weapons? Line of sight? You can handle these in pretty generic ways in a starter game without making it seem lame.

5. When you are drawing the world remember castles and bricks are pretty much straight lines. You could use a line tool on these things and have them look way better. You can also 'cheat' to get better graphics on some things by using transformations on pictures in photoshop or another graphics program, or simply by using it as a guide to trace. Not everyone who makes games has to be an artist.

All things said I can't give it a very good score, I think I am being more than fair with 2/10 and 2/5. Give it some more work and time and maybe resubmit something a bit more complete.

Finally, with regards to the comment about someone being nothing but a critic. Just because people don't submit doesn't mean they can't. Often it means they just don't feel like it. I have played thousands of games and watched thousands of movies on here, and I have never submitted anything. I review for the benefit of those who do post, not for my own. That being said, I could, I just see no reason to. Ones own submissions don't make a review any less valid unless they give technical advice/instruction, and you have to wonder if you should bother following it. Just something to think about.

Keep trying.

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1.89 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2011
10:12 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other