GemCraft Labyrinth

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GemCraft Labyrinth v.1.20 changes & fixes:

-Hue mismatch of purple gems (in-game vs map info panel) fixed
-Some more typos fixed
-Field G7 has all gem types available now
-Added the text "Ctrl-click to send all remaining waves" to wavestone info panels
-To improve performance, only 7 monsters get drawn at a time per tile
-The awful lag caused by the limetrap exploit was fixed while trying to keep the exploitable nature (not to ruin the fun)
-When using the wild gem skill, it was impossible to achieve the "no more than 2 gems while spending 5.000 mana" journey amulet with 2 gems


We are happy to finally give you:
GemCraft lost chapter: Labyrinth

The latest installment in the series takes you to a huge labyrinth - 13x13 fields -, each playable in any combination of battle settings.
Unlock more settings and skills as you level up, raid tombs, slay apparitions and even some of the dreaded shadows!

The Premium Edition opens up even more possibilities, giving you very powerful skills, and the most fun and challenging battle settings!
(the whole game can be played to the end in the free version too, it's not a demo!)

Have a great time playing! :-)


Good effort making the game

if you really wanted to make money off this game, make it an iphone/ipad App... the fact that u have to pay to unlock some stuff gets REALLY annoying
Also the gameplay is very repetitive and kind of annoying at times, u only need like 2 turrets for 1 level and you're pretty much set, however this game is very addictive and somewhat fun

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Awesome game, premium is a minus

Well, I've been a fan of the Gemcraft series for a long time, and this is no exception. GCL upholds the quality of the series as being some of the best tower defense games I've ever played. This entry provides a few new features, such as mazing, different skills, and lots and lots of levels. Also, mix-and-match difficulty levels.

Unfortunately, I also feel like a few of the 'features' are a step back from GC0. One thing I dislike is the replacement of score-based experience with flat experience values for each stage and bonus multipliers. I also feel that the mix-and-match difficulty encourages just doing the same difficulty settings over and over, opposed to the variety given by the independent modes. Of course, it also means you only ever need to do the level two times instead of zeven or whatever, but it makes it more difficult to grind, so meh.

Other issue: despite the number of levels, I find that I generally only ever have one or two new ones open at a time. A bit annoying, so more branching paths, with goodies at the end or something?

A final note, on premium: I wouldn't mind its presence nearly as much if it weren't outright required for getting certain amulets. Reaching 100 waves beaten on a level with only 20 or so levels naturally? Literally impossible without endurance. Pity too, since endurance is one of the most fun modes...

In conclusion? This is a spectacular game. Being put off by the presence of paid comment isn't reason enough to not play. Some steps forward from GC0, and some steps back, but since GC0 was already an incredible game, it doesn't have much effect. I have a feeling I'll be playing this for a while (although I'll also be silently cursing the lack of endurance mode).

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i was happily surpised by finding this game on the frontpage. after spending days with playing gemcraft 0 i considered myself an expert, and now i fanally have new challenges!
maybe all the new options seem too complicated for newbies, since the old games were already complex.
if beginners feel like that i suggest them to play gemcraft 1 and 0 and then play labyrinth again. that way they can fully understand how this chapter has progressed...
thanks gameinabottle i love this game!

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My only problem, is that I'm not a fan of these games where you have to buy it to get the whole thing.

What part are we missing?
Endurance. If this mode were free, I would give this game 11/10, but as it stands, the game I can play is incomplete.

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Love this game!

I do love this game a lot, bit i am wondering how it took this long to make it to the front page on newgrounds... I beat it almost 3 weeks ago on another web site that will remain nameless...

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4.47 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2011
7:50 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
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