Colonize Me

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Enjoy! :)


Fun game, decent AI, wish there was sound/music

Fun game with decent AI, pretty easy to beat when on equal footing, but then the piece arrangements and giving cpu more pieces on the board sometimes, add a little extra challenge to the game.

Only negative to me was that the game lacks sound/music:

Would have been nice to have some sound fx for piece selection, piece movements (one for adjacent move and one for the jump move) and piece gains/losses.

Also would have been nice to have some background tune playing during the games, maybe a couple at least that would cover the eight stages provided. A short win/lose jingle would be nice to have as well.

Some optional improvements to the concept in case a sequel might be in the works:

- More stages to choose from, that one's easy.
- A stage unlocking/selection screen.
- A custom board editor for those who wanna try fiddling with piece arrangements for themselves.
- Ability to fiddle with board dimensions and shapes, no need to limit self to a limited board arrangement, one of the fun bonuses to having a board game in a digital format.
- Ability to choose AI difficulty levels, at least a level up or down from the current one.
- Maybe have boards with more than just two players (human or AI) competing for space against eachother's pieces.

Overall it was a fun game that just needs a little more polish in the sound/music department, gameplay is solid and AI is decent.

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Really good game, but...xD

The CPU is really a n00b...XDDD

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too hard.

the cpu is far too advanced. make a difficulty screen

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2.37 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2011
7:32 AM EDT
Strategy - Other