Spike - A Love Story

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Beyond Words 5 Points

Cut Off a Conversation

Centerpieces 5 Points

A Nice Center Smash

Droppin' Ten 5 Points

Ten Crush-Hugs

Easy Fiver 5 Points

Five Love Taps

Just Barely 5 Points

Far Right Smoosh

Comedic Timing 10 Points

You Obey the Rule of Three for Big Yucks!

Quickie 10 Points

Far Left Hit

Teen Angst 10 Points

Fifteen Gory Love Lunges

You Will Survive 10 Points

20 Hits in Survival

A Perfect Love 25 Points

Perfect Score in Story Mode

Blackjack 25 Points

21 Spikey Embraces

Superior Smoosher 25 Points

30 Hits in Survival

The Crusher 50 Points

40 Hits in Survival


50 Hits in Survival

Author Comments

(This game is now available on Android for free! Find it on Google Play under 'Spike: A Love Story'.)
(And for you medal-grinders out there, you can press ESC to restart!)
It's not easy being a spike-trap. By design, players are supposed to get by you without TOO much trouble. But you just can't do that. After years of seeing the same guy running by, over and over, day after day -- you realize you're in love. Unfortunately, the only means by which you can express this love is by showing him how good you are at crushing him into a tasty broth. Someday, you're sure, he'll get the hint.
This game was made with the wonderful Flashpunk, which made the nightmare of making this a lot less nightmarish, and more of a restless bad dream.
PROTIPS: Be patient. Wait for the right moment to strike! It takes a second or two to reset yourself, and in that time he can escape! Unless there's a powerup he'll never just run straight through.



It had a nice progression of people trying to outsmart the spike trap, and he the best expressions, he looked like he was getting an orgasm each time he crushed a person, I guess thats why spike traps love smooshing people so much

creative and fun

the game is very creative, its very rare to become the obstacle of a side scroller. it's very challenging, and the "guy" always tricks you to prematurely hit the spacebar. i wasnt able to unlock survival mode, because i always got fired at the end, would be nice if the game had a restart button for us to restart the game once we fucked up.

Matzerath responds:

You can hit 'ESC' to return to the title screen.


This game was simple and charming. The spike traps intense love of smashing is a passion that i too share, and i must say this whole game is guilty pleasure.

I like the music it was ominous and non intrusive. The characters are lovable and i really enjoyed the interaction between the guys and the spike trap. sort of a cool little tutorial. The survival mode is an excellent add-on and gives a good kinda competition mode. The backgrounds really popped and the entire experience was overall very gratifying, my only regret lays with the little men whose lives i was unable to bring to a sticky compacted end.

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nice game!

i love his face when he crush them :D need skip intro button

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cool game

but its hard 4 me :/

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Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2011
2:29 PM EDT
Action - Other