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Spike - A Love Story

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Beyond Words 5 Points

Cut Off a Conversation

Centerpieces 5 Points

A Nice Center Smash

Droppin' Ten 5 Points

Ten Crush-Hugs

Easy Fiver 5 Points

Five Love Taps

Just Barely 5 Points

Far Right Smoosh

Comedic Timing 10 Points

You Obey the Rule of Three for Big Yucks!

Quickie 10 Points

Far Left Hit

Teen Angst 10 Points

Fifteen Gory Love Lunges

You Will Survive 10 Points

20 Hits in Survival

A Perfect Love 25 Points

Perfect Score in Story Mode

Blackjack 25 Points

21 Spikey Embraces

Superior Smoosher 25 Points

30 Hits in Survival

The Crusher 50 Points

40 Hits in Survival


50 Hits in Survival

Author Comments

(This game is now available on Android for free! Find it on Google Play under 'Spike: A Love Story'.)
(And for you medal-grinders out there, you can press ESC to restart!)
It's not easy being a spike-trap. By design, players are supposed to get by you without TOO much trouble. But you just can't do that. After years of seeing the same guy running by, over and over, day after day -- you realize you're in love. Unfortunately, the only means by which you can express this love is by showing him how good you are at crushing him into a tasty broth. Someday, you're sure, he'll get the hint.
This game was made with the wonderful Flashpunk, which made the nightmare of making this a lot less nightmarish, and more of a restless bad dream.
PROTIPS: Be patient. Wait for the right moment to strike! It takes a second or two to reset yourself, and in that time he can escape! Unless there's a powerup he'll never just run straight through.


oooooow all it want'z is to Q_Q


(it'z not easy being a spike trap Q_Q..... im.... lieing..... throw my teeth +_+)

good show lil guy :3 also timeing it is hard O_O i only got 9

Original, Ironic and strangely sadistic.

Concept: Now I can truly say this is one of the most strangest concepts I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure during development the author has seen a few raised eyebrows. But hell you made it work, its original and also refreshing to be the one to give punishment...er, pleasure to your victims rather than being the victim.

Gameplay: spacebar, *squish*, spacebar *squish*, spacebar *miss*,spacebar *squish*. Even though its humorous to watch this guy try to shake me in cool and occasionally strange and humurous ways, the game play does tend to get boring after a while. Even to a point where I'd rather be the one dodging and using cool power ups.
All in all bloody visuals and a perverted face isn't enough to keep the gradual feel of boredom away. Perhaps having the spike trap getting power ups after a certain number of consecutive kills would make the game more interesting.
But perhaps you've thought of that and decided it would kill the point of being a trap. In which case, I would respect that.

Achievements are broken...surprise,surprise...
What is up with Newgrounds crappy achievement system? It's always screwy with EVERY game that has this feature. First day of release and already broken! Please look into this NG, it takes away the replay value from many games and especially a game like this with only one action button.

Sound: The music is alright although quiet and forgettable, it has a stealthy and peaceful sound to it that fits the cave-like setting I suppose. the Sound effects of power ups, running, and other actions are fine they all make sense and nothing to really get concerned over.

OVERALL: It's a decent game, it has a unique concept and interesting visuals and if your achievement hunting(needs fixing) or looking for a challenge of reflexes this is the game for you. The game play is lacking and if that's all you care about then your wasting your time here. But it has nice and somewhat humorous visuals and its worth an hour of play, but not that engaging.

7/10 stars

3/5 picos

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Another perspective

Who knew life would be so hard for the spiketrap?
Story: 10/10
Fun: 10/10
Difficulty: 9/10
Overall: 9.7/10 rounded to 10/10
The -1 point was in the part where the guy decides to hop back and forth, it is random how many times he hops, and if he runs forth from a closer position, it is impossible to react in time (your reaction time would have to be 0 seconds, not even 1 millisecond)

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Great game.

I-is it bad if the spike's orgasm face gave me a boner...?

Life of a deadly press

This game is, in every aspects, simple, but a bit gore, and very fun!
The AI is interesting, and challenging.... I liked it.
I couldn't give a 10, just because of it's, almost, minimalistic simplicity in terms of objectives, story, variety, etc...

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Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2011
2:29 PM EDT
Action - Other