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Make your final stand against the dark forces that lurk in time and space!

Be the last man, child, woman or robot standing when the dust clears. A versatile armoury of hilarious powerups can help you take down your rivals and survive to see another day!


programming by

Egoraptor, Faye Mata, Darcy Maguire



I really loved the graphic design and music (as always): characters are funny but the gameplay is awful, i had no fun to play because of AI of enemies...

I did not like this game

the AI seems to go straight for the player, and I found myself getting angry at the game, and I prefer to have fun when I play a game.

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I like it a lot

I really like this gtame because I dont have anybody to play computer game with but with this game there is people on it controlled by the pc but they play exactly the same as normal people so its great and I really like the game in all as well

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Nothing Exciting

It's a decent concept, but the weapons and the monster AI take away any fun that I might of been having.

I've played this a few times now and half the time the monster isn't going after people or getting hung up somewhere on the floor. That being said the weapons are either too powerful or just pointless.

-Stun Grenade is great if the monster is hunting for people. It's just annoying to have your screen going white, would be better if your person just fell down or something.

-Freeze gun is good again only if the monster is wandering around, and not chilling in the corner. Can the monster even eat people that are frozen?

-Monster potion should be renamed You Win the Round potion, because unless you bump into the monster you can't lose once you get it. I played 20 rounds before I even realized that the monster could even kill you once you got that potion.

-Torch was just a screw-over for people during single player mode. If you got it who cares because the npc's still ran the same, but if they got it you're screwed.

-Bait gun was cool because it got the monster to move, but it shouldn't last so long if you get hit. I didn't like the fact that the bait could rub off on you by touching someone who was covered.

-The Laser was a cool effect, but took too long to fire so no one really got hit unless they ran into the blast. And if you did get hit then the monster would have a hard time getting you, so you would end up winning the round.

A good concept with cool music, and different characters, but it becomes a game of get the potion and win, not really fun once you figure that out.

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not bad

Beats some of teh otehr kra[p on here could be better not bad since its an armor games its not bad but could be better

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3.85 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2011
12:55 PM EDT
Action - Other