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Hi my name is Arty McArtson, I am a first year art major at the Art Institute of Williamsburg. I just took my first intro to philosophy course last semester, and now I understand everything about the world! Please enjoy my new postmodern piece, Dear Diary. It is a subtle yet poignant criticism of the modern "doggy dog" society we live in. I hope you enjoy it, and, if you don't, it's probably just too deep for you!

WASD and/or arrow keys move in most cases. The mouse is used to look. Other controls are generally specified or obvious.


Moronic Genre, Merciless Satire

I have been waiting for someone to derail this whole Christ-forsaken concept and, after four years of non-involvement, PsychoPop returns with his fourth edition in his Flash catalog doing just that. "Shitty Fucking Art Game" is the Piconjo to Art Games' Pico: it is abrasive, heavy-handed, and unrelenting in its analysis of this new genre of so-called game.

The one thing that a player needs to remember that "Dear Diary", the actual name of the game, is not to be taken seriously. It is deliberate in its skewed perspective, endless literary quotes, and lack of cohesive structure. Every one of the mini-games is meant to be pointless, frustrating, and disillusioned. The pixel graphics, intended by the genre to shout out to retro gaming, is unmasked for what it truly is: a lack of graphic artistry talent on part of the designer. Everything about this game reeks of satire and pretentiousness.

Considering the lack of art game satires on Newgrounds (this is likely the only one), "Shitty Fucking Art Game" sets a standard, but a good one. The file size is low for once, the scuba shooter is difficult, and the absurdity is constant. In other spots, it got completely sinister. It took me forever to understand the civilian-shooting event involved controls that changed every few seconds or so. You actually have to look down and put your finger on the proper buttons in order to select a weapon or shoot. Controls are deliberately shoddy, but that feature just put me in a foul mood. Also, I don't see the point in the paperwork-signing event, other than an extension of an author's self-righteous commentary on modern society. Is there an objective there, other than scribbling with a right-handed mouse on things that most people would never want to sign in the first place?

"Shitty Fucking Art Game" is shitty, as the name implies, but it is also a great way to pop some people's egos about a genre that really should not have existed in the first place. When I play a video game, I expect something that is fun, challenging, requires some wit, and doesn't frustrate you during play. Art games not only fail in every category, but also frustrate your intellect by spamming the authors' opinions down your throat. Did anybody have the guts to approach AustinBreed and tell him his games were not fun?

Either this game gets the Front Page and showcases an alternate perspective on the phenomenon, or someone will come along and start staging boycotts of non-viewership upon any Art Game that comes our way, in the same vein as zero-bombing a crew or a music genre. That's when things begin to get skewed and ugly, much like the content in "Shitty Fucking Art Game".

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I want to give it higher because if the message. I agree with you that they generally do suck and are friggin everywhere. But aside from a few things like the weird abortion stage and your wife getting banged after you leave that I actually thought were a little interesting in a weird way. The rest kinda sucked. I know it was kind of meant too though. Maybe this as a side game or some sort of sequel built in that was worth my time would better drive home your point though.

Showing people what to do instead of just mocking what they have done. The "N: What did I just play" section was the only part that I really found enjoyable. I kept expecting something. So yeah, about a 2 of 10 for the game and a 8 of 10 for the message and a 5-ish overall. Show us a good example next.

This truly is a "Shitty Fucking Art Game".

So true. This is what 90% of the art games out there are like.

Not everything needs a message

I do believe that games are a form of art, but I believe the value of a game as a work of art isn't measured in the depth or profoundness of its message but in how fun it is, and if there is an intended message, how fun it is for that message to get across. I mean, art is supposed to stimulate the mind, right? So if I'm bored to death by the game I'm playing, even if I understand the message, then it's not very convincing, is it? Every good work of art uses its medium to its advantage, and if the point of a game is just to have a text-based message with almost zero thought put into level design or controls, then write a freaking book. In fact, that would just be easier, wouldn't it? I'm fine for games that have a message, but only ones that avoid text in favor of gameplay to convey it, even if they're very minimalistic.

I'm glad someone decided to say something about it, but I'm deducting a point for this game's very existence being hypocritical.

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A hilarious look at a pretentious genre

Shitty Fucking Art Game takes the vapid pseudo-philosophical garbage of your standard art "game" and pushes it down a flight of stairs.

Shitty Fucking Art Game is fun with a message, a consept that seems to be lost on the makers of many art games (AustinBreed for example). At there core games should be entertaining and enjoyable. More often then not art games end up being bland uninteresting stories where the player is beaten over the head with "the futility of it all" and "society is bad". Shitty Fucking Art Game show how a game can use satire to get a message across. The player isnt force fed a message but rather the silliness of the target is brought to the forefront leading the player to draw the conclusion the creator intended.

Well done sir!

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