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Hi my name is Arty McArtson, I am a first year art major at the Art Institute of Williamsburg. I just took my first intro to philosophy course last semester, and now I understand everything about the world! Please enjoy my new postmodern piece, Dear Diary. It is a subtle yet poignant criticism of the modern "doggy dog" society we live in. I hope you enjoy it, and, if you don't, it's probably just too deep for you!

WASD and/or arrow keys move in most cases. The mouse is used to look. Other controls are generally specified or obvious.


You know...

For someone setting to satirize art games, you made a pretty good art game. If it wasn't for the random quotes and the inability to climb up/down stairs (one of the game's funniest reoccuring jokes), this would be unrecognizable from your typical art game.

I honestly haven't played that many "shitty fucking" art games. Most of the ones I play are actually pretty good. Generally speaking, I'd take a half-way decent art game over something that just copies a pre-existing game formula. (Though a game that balances humor, pathos, and gameplay/action, are the best ones.)

The shooting mechanics take some getting use to. I like being able to see what people are literally saying behind your back and only being able to see what's illuminated by your light during the sewer crawl was clever. Still being able to play through the credits was also really neat.

I'd give this one pretty high marks, myself.

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I was doubtful at first but ended up liking it

After 30 seconds of playing this I was going to give it a terrible score since I thought it was making fun of Art games due to them not being as enjoyable to play as normal games and I actually like art games a lot. However it didn't take me long to realize that this game wasn't mocking all art games. It was just mocking the annoying pretentious art games and that is definitely deserved. The thing is this game in itself is an art game and I like this style of game. It's not the best or most meaningful art game I've scene but it gets its point across well and I too am sick of art games that have a whole bunch of random items and are supposed to be "deep" so I give this game a 8. I think the concept is good but didn't reach its full potential. In fact i found the funniest part of the whole game the author comments.


I do not agree with what you have to say sir but I defend to the death your right to say it.

However, your satire in and of itself is deep and meaningful: it is what your attacking in spite of yourself.

You got your message across well, and i did love the way the your perspective changed what went on in the world. It's a shame, if u had taken your satire alittle more seriously it could have been an actual art game.

I guess that was the point. Ce n'est pas un jeu.


Everyone hates me!!! D:


Not the most enjoyable game to play, but as this thing is a parody of art games I think it successfully captured that familiar sense of using subpar game mechanics to throw pretentious crap at us.

The only thing that amazes me is how many people don't seem to understand that a game called "Shitty Fucking Art Game" is suppose to be a big smug joke. I actually got a good chuckle out of the quality options in the pause menu.

Still, the game also has all the issues of a bad art game. Purposefully annoying controls on the assassin levels and stair climbing, crappy graphics, and a nonsensical plot make it less enjoyable to play.

In short, this game would only be like a 3 or 4 out of 10 normally, but the subtle and not so subtle jabs at the genre gave me a laugh. Would love to see you sense of humour in something less interactive and see if it was better for it.

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Apr 27, 2011
3:04 AM EDT
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