Shitty Fucking Art Game

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Hi my name is Arty McArtson, I am a first year art major at the Art Institute of Williamsburg. I just took my first intro to philosophy course last semester, and now I understand everything about the world! Please enjoy my new postmodern piece, Dear Diary. It is a subtle yet poignant criticism of the modern "doggy dog" society we live in. I hope you enjoy it, and, if you don't, it's probably just too deep for you!

WASD and/or arrow keys move in most cases. The mouse is used to look. Other controls are generally specified or obvious.


I beat the Credits!

very entertaining game, although I actually like the stuff you were spoofing, cest la vie

Try harder next time

Deep?.....Right.....Nice try but if you think this is deep....well I just feel sad for you

PsychoPop responds:

And if you think it was actually supposed to be deep.... well I just feel even more sad for you.

Come on, Blizz!

I nice, fun enough game, but EVERY SINGLE MECHANIC WAS BROKEN OR TERRIBLE!!! Sorry. Let me explain. The "looking back" mechanic, I think, broke. This was because it was triggered by waypoints, so the first time I looked back, and then looked forward without moving, I saw the wrong text first. The space assassin part (?) was awful, because you cycled out the keys on every reload, then gave ONE little runny guy 10x as much health. You CANNOT fix these bugs. You, if you have any interest in making this playable, will have to redesign the WHOLE game so that the 'evil red world' appears only when you look back. Due to this glitch, the first thing I saw when I spawned was a naked man f**king a sheep on MY BED!!!

Sorry again. I hope you understand I was just ranting there, I mean no harm to your game, but as of 4/29/11, it's mediocre at best, scoring a 7 from me. Please understand this is by no means an attack on you, but "Shitty F**king Art Game" is currently in major need of some testing. I consider it a beta, IF you fix it. If you don't, I consider it, forgive me for this, an unnecessarily front-paged, artsy, piece of s**t.

7/10, so no hard feelings, k? I'm just a little over-zealos sometimes. This is dragging on so long, so I'll finish with a, once again, VERY SINCERE APOLOGY! Really, sorry for my behavior. Reply if you're planning on fixing anything, or making a fixed sequel, or removing the naked man screwing a sheep on my bed.

PsychoPop responds:

There are no waypoints and the 'evil red world' DOES only appear when you look back. You appear to have a rare isolated case of glitching.

The naked man fucking a sheep is your neighbor fucking your wife.

I "cannot fix these bugs" because they are not bugs - as the keys are SUPPOSED to change every time you reload or change weapons. It would be nigh impossible to make a bug so bad that it literally reprograms the game and creates new sprites.

Finally, I would not "need to redesign the WHOLE game" because one of the problems you mentioned (the keys changing) literally requires changing naught but a SINGLE CHARACTER in the game's code. I am not exaggerating, there is literally a single character that determines whether or not the controls change every time you reload.

I am aware of actual glitches and bugs in this game, but your post did not actually address any of them.

Thanks for the 7, though! <3

Great Work!

Boy, for a purely satirical work, you sure put a lot of effort into this game. I felt the minigames were unnecessarily monotonous at times, but otherwise, great job.


That was awesome.

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2011
3:04 AM EDT
Adventure - Other

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