Pico's friendship

April 26, 2011 –
March 13, 2012
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Pico shows Darnell and Nene their friendship in the most sincere and emotional as possible.

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Pico rocks with his dick

.......... *watches forever while covering pico's dick*
i didnt see the "Adult Content" thing when i played this, that's why i'm shocked, it wasnt what i thought it would be

O_O ok darnell slas nenes ass

o.O holy fuck,what the hell is this?Im scared of locker rooms now thanks alot!!

More action! Anyway... YEAH!


(spelling mistakes are 100% intentional to add to teh kewls!)

It was fun.
Little gay but fun :3

just pico fapping to hardcore music.

9/10 because i laughed so much.

There is a real lack of if any effort on this

You really have to be able to understand things like this.... ahh good times... 9 for how short the animation was.. It could use a little less 'panning of the camera' maybe do a close up slo-mo :P jk

nice but meaningless


You give yourself 2 minutes watching this flash and you'll bust a nut laughing.

Possibly one of my favorite things to ever get placed on this site!

who is. ¬°Dick jokes!

I didnt expected that

go ginger guy lol


i was not expecting this but its funny i can troll my friends with this

the hell is this? is this supposed to be funny? because, to be completely honest if find it crude and humorless, and i think dirty jokes are funny.

was not expecting this...

3 for animation


What make the flash funny is the overrated expectaction of people on flash. You did a decent animation but the humor you aimed on the 2d degree failed for me. Nene however slapping Darnel for his pervert tought was a funny reaction from nene. It's seem that it is a loop.
I don't really think this is a great flash but hey , it worth a chuckle.

just...what the fuck?...

pretty much sucks. good job.

Honestly, I expect better from Newgrounds. Penis jokes are starting to become your thing. There are some really great animators with original stuff on this site. And then there are the penis jokes made by people who want the same fame. Truly sad.

You must have something wrong with you. I'm sure if pico saw this he would have just shoot you.

But the animating is better than what I've seen in other videos.

makes no sense and its just disturbing.

there go a few minutes of my life i will never get back. on a bright note this was so bad it got me to
stop procrastinating and finish my paper

I can't believe ive just watch the entire video.. i voted 2 because it was a litle funnier than '' Quest for the frontpage ''

the art and animation is almost pretty good but this is just an insult to pico and the work put into his character had anything actually of have happened other than the sadly looping music it might have been worth watching and rating

just like nene and darnell I couldn't look away.....

This is really bad...there is no point in this being here. Why is Pico Day full of sick stuff? Sorry Tom that they did this...I think P-Bot is malfunctioning.

The hand print on the face was epic lol.

Son I am dissapoint.

it's funny!

this seems really gay it is weird

Well that was just plain wrong.

Found this quite random little bit funny and gay < as in homo gay and homo gay things are all ways funny 7 stars for u

I do not appreciate anything you have done here, not even the trolling.


if it had more than that it might have been good but it was kinda pointless

this is the stupidist thing i have ever seen

props on the attempt at humor but uhh i was hoping someone would kill PIco

(im not telling is not good i mean its pretty smooth and stuff) BUT it doesn't matter if your animation its supah smooth if it don't have a cool storyline (im rating the animation not the joke not the storyline ok.?)

Typical pre-pubescent male humor.

Loved the fact that he got slapped but they still watch pico in the jack off repeat :P
It should end after 100 with the load hitting them lmao

Thank you newgrounds for once again putting a 'omg i love dis' animation on the frontpage to entertain us.


This was quite funny, I especially liked the idea of the beat and the *cough*. That was pretty cool, not that I like seeing dicks.

It was something different which I thought was quite good, keep them disturbing movies coming.

Thank you newgrounds for once again putting a 'wtf' animation on the frontpage to troll us

you can do better

Upon starting this flash I had no idea what was coming. And out of this vast of void mystery, something truly remarkable appeared and showed me what ultimate glory is at its most stupendous.
Good sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar and I salute you

HAHA! wow... this was pretty funny, and i love the beat... no pun intended.

the fact he's using his penis as a guitar is just... fucking hilarious. XD

its pico day you douches. if he wants to jack off on the frontpage then why @!#$ shouldn't he!?!?1

Thats all this video needed for a 10!

...All I can say is...
Just look at most of the reviews (the 0s, not the 10s)
Please just move away from this kind of flash.
Also make sure the description is used properly, ie. emotional WAY as possible would be useful.
You're able to animate, sure, but you're wasting your time on this, as well as ours.

Ok probably people exited out of it before this happened but the awkward and increadible weirdness of Darnell hitting on nene while watching pico jack off is so hilarious, also jacking of like that to that music is pretty great too

fucking 10 for you XD

This pretty fun... Not that much.

I don't need to explain otherwise Nothing and I mean NOTHING can top off a masterpiece like this.

And that folks is why I love Newgrounds.

i have seen a lot of dumb shit on this site, however, said dumb shit was so dumb, that you looked at it and wanted to break your computer, it was that bad. this on the other hand..... it makes you wonder, why? it is obvious that thought (to some small degree) went in to making this, yet it is the same as a slap in the face. look at pico jack off it says!and then you have to sit there, just as uncomfortable as everyone else who is viewing said jacking, and just when you think it cant get any worse, it fuckin loops. this is not good. there is no substance to it, and honestly if i want to be this uncomfortable ever again, i will just climb under a fat joggers tit after he has had an hour long run.

this is newgrounds so im supposed to like this kind of shit

for some reason i fucking hate it, just telling u how i feel about this

hopefuly it will help you in future stuff

So this was FP'd. The song is terribly "sampled" from Reignition by Bad Brains. It's a kick ass song you can YouTube it.

Well, this is intended to be bad, 'cause it says right there "SPAM." And eehh.. I'll give you 5 for getting it to the front page XD

The fact that this is stupid has nothing to do with dick or homophobes. The problem is that it is pointless, has no thought put into it at all, and is a waste of time. You could have thrown in a punch line at the end or something to make it worth watching. Unless the "smack" was the punch line, in which case, it wasn't funny.

Guy wanking to a bass riff xD what is this i dont even-

all my five

Haha, I love the smack at the end, lol

I don't see why people are hating on this just because it has a dick. Don't listen to those homophobes, you did a very nice job animating and I like how you synced his faps to the music.


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