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The Final Dream

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"We all dream, all the time. Even beyond death."


Edit: This was also done in about a weeks time, started it last Monday -
ALSO - just realized that because I threw some blur last minute upon the rain bit it tends to lag to holy hell. I'll fix that tomorrow morning.

This was Exercise 2 for my Digital arts Class at University of Oregon

We had to create an animation that used the picture of Mona Lisa as a transitional piece into an abstract story line.

Personally I complained but then the art professor said "I'm the professor" so I put it in there because I like good grades.

Enjoy and constructive criticism will be given a response.

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that was very abstract. the music matched well and the idea was very original. Good job.

Kalcaman responds:

Thank you, hopefully I get that A+

It was refreshing...

I like seeing an artistic flash every once and a while. It was heavy in the abstract department, that is a definite give in. I definitely don't get it. What I like about it is that I feel like I could take a screenshot of it and it could be an example of abstract. The only thing that kind of ruined the whole feel of the flash was when he smashed into the ground and the music just stopped so sharply, but it was kind of funny and didn't stick around, I forgot about it when the brain showed up. It is a nice flash, worthy of a 9 just based on the style, but the fact that it is just so weird gives it my score of 10. A thing that is bothering me a little is that the music sounds like it is from Minecraft, but that is just how I work: a little quirk and I can't get it out of my head. Hope to see more.

Kalcaman responds:

Thanks for the review -

With the short time frame (1 week) I didn't really have enough time to flesh out everything. I would love to work on this more but project 3 just popped up so this is on the back burner. Funny that you mentioned Minecraft because originally the soundtrack had been lined up with C418's music until I realized that it was all under a license.