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You move with the arrow keys! You have 60 seconds to make as many laps as you possibly can. Make sure to post your scores! I made this with the real The Games Factory 2, not newgrounds edition. I hope you enjoy ;) By the way, the sprites are from a The Gaes Factory 2 Sprite Pack on the official website.

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I got 86 laps by going back and forth on the finish line.

Graphics: 4

They're not really bad for a racing game. I can identify what is good terrain and what's not.

Sound: 0

Again, no sound. You should add some tunes to your games.

Violence: 0

No violence. Just a car- like thingy.

Interactivity: 8

Top- notch interactionable. You get to move the car any direction. Even in ways a real car wouldn't move. And I see you fixed the getting stuck off-screen- problem. If I go off now I just appear on the finish line.

Humor: 4

Mildly entertaining. If only there was a multiplayer so I could actually race against someone instead of a time trial.

Overall: 3

Unfortunately, the glitch in the lap counter ruins it all for this game. A promising concept but there's no point in racing if you can cheat to win.


In everyone of your flashs I see great potential. This would be great if you couldnt' just go back and forth across the finish line and it'll count as laps. Music would be nice. Keep trying. When I started, my games were rubbish and over time they got much better. You'll probably end up going through the same path.

NinjaZeno responds:

Thanks ;)

198 Laps...

You tested this before uploading it here, right?
Anyway, it´s a good game but you should add the instructions before starting the game, i started playing 10 seconds later... after i realized that i was ALREADY playing...

NinjaZeno responds:

Okay, thanks!


You realize that if you just go left and right across the tape line you can just get ridiculously fast laps over and over again, right? Also, driving is too easy.

NinjaZeno responds:

I'm not sure how to program the tape line, although

140 laps

I played this a couple of times before I accidentally found a way to rack up my laps. Not sure if this was a secret cheat or not.

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1.64 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2011
9:03 PM EDT
Sports - Racing