Everything Start to Fall

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***Fixing pause bug*** shouldn't take more than 12 hours :)

Game about life and its unavoidable end, death and the things that could happen in between.


...I see what you tried to portrait there: the stages of life, and the grade of difficulty according to the path chosen during one's ascent to the end of one's life.

Interesting concept, clean graphics, simple gameplay and smooth, touching music fitted nicely. It's incredible how some people failed to grasp even the simplest means of this game of yours.


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i got more angry than sad at this game because of the terrible jump key, the lack of check points, and my defective ass keyboard. all those equals a lowered score.

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I am giving a four because this was a very good game. It had a depth and it had a point. I have read one review below, and let me tell you. I still think this is a good game. The pixel pictures actually gave it more mystery, and I could easily discern what exactly was happening. The two choices didn't affect the game, since the boy still turned out having a job, but yeah, in a way, this could send the wrong message (that's one of the reasons I'm not giving a five). My favorite scene was where the man was really really old and he knew death was upon him and he just went up one last time and reached the goal. Nice.

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good game but its sad

No offense but I can't see how this is on the way to getting five stars. It was a cute little game, nothing special, and over all I feel like I wasted time playing it. First of all, it was very hard to tell what the illustrations are, what's actually happening in the pictures, mostly during the age of him being a boy. I couldn't even tell which one was your own character half the time, or the mother and father half the time, because the drawings were so basic, not to mention complete lack of color that would have really helped differentiating, and there was barely anything to set him apart from the other tiny pixel people. Secondly, I don't know why you bothered giving us a choice to take on life's path during his teenage years. Through out the entire game, you only gave us the ability to choose ONCE, and so it felt very unbalanced and like it really didn't belong in the game. Secondly, it changed or affected NOTHING and let me tell you, a reckless adolescent who spends their entire teenage years drinking, neglecting school, and getting into trouble does NOT end up successful like that. Quite frankly, it completely sends the wrong message that "Oh whether you are a diligent student who studies a lot or parties all the time and goes binge drinking, it doesn't matter!! You'll still end up just as successful." There are a lot of young audiences, kids, who play games on Newgrounds I'm sure, and it's extremely irresponsible of you to send that kind of message to them. Over all, this game has a concept that normally would evoke an emotional response and make the player think, but this game completely lacked any depth that is necessary to make players feel those kind of emotions. Maybe if the scenes from his life were a lot better designed and not so confusing, if I could be able tell accurately what was going on, I wouldn't have rated this so harshly but as it stands, this is the rating it gets.

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4.30 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2011
7:04 PM EDT
Adventure - Other