Everything Start to Fall

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***Fixing pause bug*** shouldn't take more than 12 hours :)

Game about life and its unavoidable end, death and the things that could happen in between.


life is progression and death is a pit of death

I really like this game.
I believe this game outshine many games out there easily.
It has style, pixel style.
It has nice music, calm and meditative platform jumping music.

I liked how when you get old you get less jumpy...which made it harder...which is what all old people talk about.
I like how you push blocks to get to higher places as well, made me smile.
The little drug den before the work was also a must :)
I had a problem with one of the platforms, i went straight through a moving one....not sure how I did it though.

I was a little annoyed that I couldn't select music based on the path I took.
Infact if you are going to make a Everything starts to fall 2 game:
- each path has a different ending
- also as you go up each path, you gain different abilities to get past the different areas of life... for e.g. If you choose to marry and have a family, you can use your family to remove objects in your way...or get them to help you push things when you get older. Food for thought.
- I like the ever approaching ground coming to consume me, but I think the game could do without the ground chasing you all the time..... Maybe have it chase you when you make bad decisions and...thats when death chases you.

Anyway enough rambling and adding more to your scope which you have probably thought of.

Well done on a very philosophical adventure into TIME and SPACE.

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Not bad

I quite like it, just whole simple platformer layout, remind me of Mario without the annoying Gombas. The soundtrack does get a little annoying.

Nice, but pretty linear.

This game reminds me of Passages--in theme, if not in game play. I like the visual representation of life's stages. The changing abilities as he ages is a nice touch.

What disappointed me about the game is that it failed to address how choices and consequences affect one's life. The path branches once or twice during the teen years, but it all leads to the same adulthood and (oddly short) old age. I would have liked to see the paths branch out more, with each path in a given life stage leading to a different "level" in the next life stage.


This game seemed to have a hidden meaning to me. This is life - all the good moments pass by, and the bad ones are treacherous. I always love games that make me think, and this one fit that nicely. Every event in the boy's life was portrayed well.

My biggest complaint, however, was the controls. While, slightly off controls normally don't make too much of a difference, in a game where the platforms are practically microscopic, perfect controls are practically expected. Often the controls would make my character move a little after I landed, making me fall.

In short, an overall beautiful game hindered by somewhat unresponsive controls.

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4.30 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2011
7:04 PM EDT
Adventure - Other