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Hello Newgrounds, it's been a while. I have been studying animation this year at University in Bristol, England :)

A friend of mine is making a documentary film about my struggle and quest to get at least one flash animation on the Newgrounds Front Page. He asked me to make a small flash to accompany the movie and this is it.

I have been making animations and trying to get noticed on Newgrounds for years and this animation is a parody of my struggle (as we all need to poke some fun at ourselves sometimes).

It is a mixture of traditional pencil drawn animation and digital flash animation. I hope you enjoy it!

[UPDATE] Front Page/daily 2nd!?! Thank you so much!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who watched/voted/reviewed, I appreciate everyones views and comments. I didn't make this with any intention of pleading to get on the front page, it is just a parody and a bit of fun :)


Front page!

That was so cute.

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While the animation itself was nice, the voice acting lacked any emotional inflection whatsoever. The concept was weak, nothing more than simply begging for a front page spot. You also need to adjust your microphone, as static and other white noise overtakes your voice.

Hire someone with more vocal range than Microsoft Sam, then actually TRY to reach the front page.

And then?

At the end, right when I think you were going somewhere, you go "and then,"...

No, I don't want to here all the reasons you should get on the front page, PROVE to Newgrounds, don't just rely on Tom Fulp to undulge this crap over and over. There. You've been front paged. AND THEN!?!?! Right. Nothing.

Least entertaining thing I've ever seen on the front page, and one of the lowest ranked I've EVER felt compelled to rate. Do crap, asshole. Your accent will get you girls, but not fans.


I guess you were trying to go at the word "definitely", but if you do something defiantly, you do it in a rebellious manner. Judging by the user comments and the title of the video, he didn't rebel against getting front page.


you defiantly got it!

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3.64 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2011
11:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Original