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Hello Newgrounds, it's been a while. I have been studying animation this year at University in Bristol, England :)

A friend of mine is making a documentary film about my struggle and quest to get at least one flash animation on the Newgrounds Front Page. He asked me to make a small flash to accompany the movie and this is it.

I have been making animations and trying to get noticed on Newgrounds for years and this animation is a parody of my struggle (as we all need to poke some fun at ourselves sometimes).

It is a mixture of traditional pencil drawn animation and digital flash animation. I hope you enjoy it!

[UPDATE] Front Page/daily 2nd!?! Thank you so much!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who watched/voted/reviewed, I appreciate everyones views and comments. I didn't make this with any intention of pleading to get on the front page, it is just a parody and a bit of fun :)



this flash belongs here

click the
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to get it in

this is a piece of history
without it we wouldn't have words like
im going to vote for your front pageidency

this is spartar!

but seriously there are to many flash movies that belong in existing colections
people need to vote more flash into colections

thank you sacros for the word pageidency

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Ham-head responds:

Thank you for the lovely review! I think you must be the only person who got that it was only a parody and not serious haha!

I have never been recommended for a collection so thank you very much. I guess it should be in that collection though :)

Thanks again my friend!


nice job. not front page material tho ha ha. I'm excited to hear there's a documentary been made about this!! can't wait to see it. is there a web page to follow the making of this doc. or anything like that?
keep up the good work

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Ham-head responds:

Thanks. No webpage has been set up yet as only the script and some test scenes have been shot but I'll be sure to let you know as soon as anything goes up!


That was nice, really hope you get in the frontpage

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Ham-head responds:

Thanks for watching :)


I really enjoy your animation style. Its very slick and over all has a very appealing look to it. You need to work on your audio content though. Your voice came across strong and well to do for the commentary, but the grainy extra sounds that came from the track are horrendous. Elsewise I really enjoyed it. Create a story that is focused and driven and I dont see any reason why you wouldnt be able to frontpage.

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Ham-head responds:

Yeah I didn't intend the audio to be the best of quality. This movie is a joke after all! Thank you for your comments though its nice to have someone take the time to review :)

this is not an election

dont promote yourself for front pageidency dood, youll get there when you make a good movie

to be perfectly honest, i hope you dont get there with this cheap move

Ham-head responds:

I don't think you got the point :D this movie is meant to be a joke

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3.64 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2011
11:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Original