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Hello Newgrounds, it's been a while. I have been studying animation this year at University in Bristol, England :)

A friend of mine is making a documentary film about my struggle and quest to get at least one flash animation on the Newgrounds Front Page. He asked me to make a small flash to accompany the movie and this is it.

I have been making animations and trying to get noticed on Newgrounds for years and this animation is a parody of my struggle (as we all need to poke some fun at ourselves sometimes).

It is a mixture of traditional pencil drawn animation and digital flash animation. I hope you enjoy it!

[UPDATE] Front Page/daily 2nd!?! Thank you so much!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who watched/voted/reviewed, I appreciate everyones views and comments. I didn't make this with any intention of pleading to get on the front page, it is just a parody and a bit of fun :)


Of course you can!

I think you ARE going to make it to the front page, the question is: are you going to associate with othe drawers or animators? Because, if not, it would be wasted talent! I'll give my marks : 10 for the animations, 10 for the story , and 9 for the voice ( because it can be cleared but this is a detail ). Just go for it!

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Good Luck!

You have the skills to make it there

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I totally agree,u wont make it to the front page. waz that to harsh. ;(

Ham-head responds:

I am crying now

The skill is there...

You definitely do not lack the ability and technical chops to produce animation of a far higher level than what the NG frontpage requires... though you will need to channel it properly.

Have you considered working with a writer? Having someone direct your technical efforts may well lead to stellar results.

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Ham-head responds:

Thanks for the review! I think it was inevitable that people would miss the point. It was made for a documentary which is a kind of parody or 'mockumentary' of myself. I can actually write narrative and scripts, I am studying it, this film was meant to be in irony of that.

Thanks for the review though :)


Did you draw that preloader yourself?! because it is really well done!
i wish my dog could understand flash movies...
But...was there something up with your mike or did you make the voice like that on purpose cause it isn't very clear and you sound like you have a blocked nose, or your mouth is full of pickles...or both. Good job anyway

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Ham-head responds:

Yes I drew most of it but my dog helped with the harder bits :)

and yes I was eating Haribo sweets while I was making the voice recording.

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Apr 25, 2011
11:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Original