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UpBot Goes Up

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This is the Flash version of a game originally developed by Dom Camus (that's me - hi Newgrounds!), Craig Forester and Luke Davies at TIGJam UK2.

It's a puzzle game of the kind that has desperately simple rules but turns out to contain surprisingly tough puzzles. Leave a comment if you complete all 32 levels - it's a major achievement!

The game also answers that most profound of questions: Which way does UpBot go?


simple premise, but dang hairpulling at times. :P

game does get pretty hard around level 12. well not too tough but enough to make you really think. lol.

Love the game ... but i have a question :DDD

Love it :D .. hard .. but simple .. just like you said xD ....
but i have a question ... how do i post my own content on Newgrounds.com ???

I srsly need to know cause i know how to make awesome cartoons xDD

was nice but..

I love your game it really simple and intersting too but it's pretty tough :) (i still don't find a way out for the level 28). anyway I think your game deserver 10/10

Brilliantly Simple

But still amazingly well executed. Well done mate! You should definitely look into making this an iphone game or something along those lines!

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nice game

i love how you must think alot and making it is super dificult i guess
so u deserve a 10

thanks,this goes to my favorites

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3.89 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2011
9:21 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other