Laser Ruse

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My first flash game I made with a friend last year, just got it sponsored and can now put it online which is fun as hell. Hope you all enjoy it!

Avoid and outrun the laser in Laser Ruse!
Use speed and power ups to survive every level and then compete for the best Laser Ruse highscore.
Upgrade your speed and level up your slow-motion and ghost abilities to help your survival.
Can you complete all 15 levels and earn all 32 achievements?
Enjoy Laser Ruse!
Move - Arrow Keys.
Slow Motion - Z.
Ghost Mode - X.
Pause - P.
Mute - M.



Gotta comment on the ' it's stolen' reviews. You guys think it's stolen cuz "it's too good"? LoL :D. The marble that looks so cool is a straight copy/paste from a tutorial I know. The upgrades just change a variable (wow advanced! *sarcasm*). And then there is hitTesting with square objects. Wow it's way too good (sarcasm again)!

It's a simple game with tutorial code in it. What bothered me was the super light UI. Did you put a white mask on top of everything? I really didn't want to concentrate to try to read your menu when it was so white. The game has plenty of newbie mistakes so I have no trouble believing it's your first game. Good job thought cuz it is slightly better than what most people do as their first.

very good

was kinda interesting and i liked it
though i think there are some problems you have to fix
but the rate is still the same

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That's a pretty nice game and the concept and music theme are very good, and it's actually very fun, in resume: nice job.


i reley don wan to say this, but i have to now.
Lol, jk. Pretty cool game, awesome visual style, I recommend fixing the lag at the end of a level. But pretty cool in general. Also, this concept is not too new, even with the powerups. So put in new ones, add something to the game, like bosses. That would get a ten from me.

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I actually ENJOYED this game!!

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2011
8:03 PM EDT
Action - Other