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Laser Ruse

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My first flash game I made with a friend last year, just got it sponsored and can now put it online which is fun as hell. Hope you all enjoy it!

Avoid and outrun the laser in Laser Ruse!
Use speed and power ups to survive every level and then compete for the best Laser Ruse highscore.
Upgrade your speed and level up your slow-motion and ghost abilities to help your survival.
Can you complete all 15 levels and earn all 32 achievements?
Enjoy Laser Ruse!
Move - Arrow Keys.
Slow Motion - Z.
Ghost Mode - X.
Pause - P.
Mute - M.

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Fairly unique game

It was a bit hard to tell what the objective was, but easy to understand after awhile. The really cool thing was that there was a lot of detail put into it. At first I didn't know why I was touching the up things, but then I realized I did that to get points. It's also pretty hard to even die in this game. You still give us a lot of oppurtunities to improve ourselves so I thank you for that. There could have been maybe some more clear directions, though.

I liked the really upbeat music that was playing the whole time. There was even a cute sound when the laser touched you and you were weakened! It seems like the kind of game that has enough achievements to get medals. It's fun because you never know what powerups and positions the laser will take. Thanks for the arrow giving us a heads up, though.

Good game.

Fun game, well balanced.
Gives a nice challenge to reach the end, and then allowing you to keep playing is a good idea.

Simple, but fun.

No idea what the "it's stolen" brigade is on about

Anyway, great game. It seemed too easy at first but it gets really hard. Just managed to reach endless mode before my lives gave out. :)

This game is NOT stolen!!!

This game is not stolen.
It was created by Tom, Brandon and a third member who did the original coding.
It was put it up on FGL and we sponsored it.
The original programmer then dropped out, so we (GP Studios) did the additional programming work ourselves and made some improvements.
As you can see, everyone's names are in the credits, and Tom is the one who has uploaded it.

DO NOT make stolen accusations in reviews, if you don't provide sufficient evidence.

Nice concept

but try to make the text color diferent from the background color it is hard to read.

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2011
8:03 PM EDT