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Bugs = yes

errr... don't know what to say... i'll see what you think and then i will look forward what to do next.



wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa atttttttttt?????????????? its much this coment!!??

still a work in progress

The very beginning was weird. I wasn't expecting to be injured by just running up to a rock, and could barely see the bullets right after it, let alone the helicopter, so the toughest part of this intro was at the very start! I wouldn't put that at the very beginning, and would add a sound like a "yip!" when he gets injured. It also needs a way to restart after the game over screen without refreshing the browser. Then focus on making the game play feel smooth and the mechanics and collisions and stuff seem natural. I somehow get the feeling that I would like it more if the camera were zoomed out a bit so to speak; if everything were a bit smaller and you could see more of the area. A minor point, but the transition between levels was very fast, which I kind of liked actually, but maybe add just a brief caption at the top of the screen saying "Level 2" or something to make it a little less disconcerting.

The bugs I've found

1) My cursor appears on the game cursor

2) Bolt's legs are shown either on top of the grass or beneath the grass

3) When you jump in to the gray or black areas, Bolt disappears and you have to refresh the page

There are probably more, but I've only played for 3 minutes.

I'll give it a 6/10

This is a pretty good game! My little sister would love it (bugs or not) you should try to fix them though. The music was kinda short as well. But all in all good job!

Needs work

Not bad. VERY buggy. Hard to get used to the odd controls, they feel stiff. Still very well drawn and animated.

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2.23 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2011
12:54 PM EDT
Adventure - Other