My Spoon Is To Big

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Ok bastards, look. I LIKED the sketch thats y IM DOING MY VERSION! I didnt fuckin steal it, idiots. I wanted to REMAKE a sketch that I LIKED!


Erm i dunno dude

I know you're not exactly a veteran flash animator, but this didn't do much for me to be honest. Buuuut in fairness i noticed that the 'lip-scyncing' that you did was done pretty well, even if i (no offence to you) seriously didn't like it.

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Needs improvement

First of all, the character prototypes appeared incredibly simple, and even with their basic structure, failed to animate them fluently. The animation seemed a bit choppy at points (the head turns), might I suggest some inbetweening?

What program did you use? It shows some compression quality.

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Alien9000 responds:

Anime Studio Pro. Best I could do

Nice remake!

But still not quite as good as the origanal

Alien9000 responds:

eh. I know. Still wanted to remake it.


I saw the real thing and I like yours better. My spoooooon is tooo big .... let me see lol

its off youtube..

why did you copy the real creator without permission? you could get banned if the real creator spots this... next time try to make your own and we will appreciate it!

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Alien9000 responds:

Screw you! I made aremake of it.

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0.75 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2011
4:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody