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Another morphing claymation. This was made pretty recent, Feb 2011. enjoy, this is one of my best work yet.

-Heres the HD youtube link-
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=_HZHzFcjgZ0


Holy Crap!

This was well worth my time!

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shit dude, this is fantastic

this is the some of the best claymation I've seen on the site. its many times better than most of the 2D flash stuff. i dunno how you did most of this, but its all very smoothly done. really excellent work.

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Very smooth

By far the best aspect of this animation is the fluidity of movement. The flowing effect and smooth transformation were really cool, especially in the air. I actually thought the music was the right speed for the movements, but I do agree that the audio-animation relationship was the weakest part. You clearly put together a cool looking animation, and then stuck a song over it so it wouldn't be silent. That is fine, especially if you are just experimenting, but it would be really cool to see more interaction between the music and the animation. I liked how the colors changed when the music changed tempo, but then the style of animation stayed the same so it sort of lost the effect.

Final thought: I liked the simplistic single-color feel, but multiple colors can also be really cool. The colors can probably be added on digitally if you don't want to mix up your clay.

Nice job!

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Very Good.

Very fluid animation, very nicely done.

I agree that a story is not always necessary, however my only gripe with this piece is the tempo of the music you've chosen doesn't seem to match the speed that things are happening on screen. It feels like things should be moving faster or you should have instead chosen something slightly slower.

All in all though I thought it was great 5/5 9/10.

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TheSJproduction responds:

Thanks for the professional review, the good thing about NG, people actually give me advice. on youtube i just get one word comments. Thanks :P

I've never seen anything

Quite like this. But it was pretty amazing. Don't listen to the people who want a story. Some artwork is best without a story. I think this is an example.

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Apr 23, 2011
4:42 PM EDT