Thwomps Vs BrittneySpairs

April 22, 2011 –
October 23, 2017
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

I wanted to remake the thwomps. To see the real videos of the thwomps, go to the ng user psycosis91. Enjoy!

Thwomps the movie: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/392553


i like the premise... but there needs to be more "oomph"

perhaps recording in a bathroom so the voices arent muddy

and use something better than compiled pictures. that kinda insults the gods

i would go back to the drawing board for this one

This is terrible......audio for the voices sound muddy, the animation is crappy, and the music....Blecch. What a waste of time. I guess that the..........I'm sorry, I just can't say anything good about this, I would be lying. I really wanted to find something good here, sorry. Please try to tighten up the flash and use better coded audio next time.


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