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Yaoi Tits Epic Showdown

rated 1.17 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Apr 21, 2011 | 3:26 PM EDT

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Author Comments

WARNING: 10 Minutes long. Please take a seat or something.

This flash animation represents the Epic Showdown between Yuki TheManliest and Awesome McAwesome, during their fight in THE HARD TOURNAMENT. Both of them must attend to GIRL COLLEGE to be part of THE HARD TOURNAMENT. Both of them won their first fight and now, two rivals that had sex with eachother the previous night, must fight eachother. Maybe to DEATH.

THIS THING IT'S A WEBCOMIC, you can start read it here: http://yaoitits. m
Just remove the spaces please.

I also made the song, so yeah, no credits.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Audio Clipping

Watch your meters when recording. You clipped about the whole song.

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MacSimon responds:

Yeah, it's true, i'm still on babysteps with Adobe Soundbooth. :/


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


nice job!

MacSimon responds:

Hey, thank you! : D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


People just don't understand the capacity of greatness this has achieved. This breaks the normal mold of standard animation on newgrounds and ventures into uncharted waters of the likes of which walt disney would be to scared to venture into. You are a true hero. And people who cannot understand your work do not deserve to understand it.

MacSimon responds:

How DARE you! D :

I have now realised how emotionally deep and meaningful this cartoon really turns out to be. I moan, saddened, at the moment i realise i will never find such glory in my life ever again. I'm not worthy of another flash! You have ruined me, you cultured artist! I can see the few last days of my life as an artist passing by... I never wanted to be an artist anyway.
I wanted to be... A Lumberjack!

Leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. The Giant Redwood. The Larch. The Fir! The mighty Scots Pine! The lofty flowering Cherry! The plucky little Apsen! The limping Roo tree of Nigeria. The towering Wattle of Aldershot! The Maidenhead Weeping Water Plant! The naughty Leicestershire Flashing Oak! The flatulent Elm of West Ruislip! The Quercus Maximus Bamber Gascoigni! The Epigillus! The Barter Hughius Greenus!

With my best buddy by my side, we'd sing! Sing! Sing!


Rated 0 / 5 stars


+ One star for effort alone!
+ Another one for guitar practice!

- Minus one star for trying to place ad in the description. This is not a way to advertise, seriously. Put your site in starting credits as clickable button or something.
- Minus another star for voting the reviewer below, iFnord, as useless. You did it, I have no doubt. No one else would vote useless on his review. This is not a way to deal with criticism. Dont like reviews? DONT UPLOAD YOU STUFF. Keep it to yourself, seriously.
- Minus another star for lack of <..anything..> No scenario, just random. No style, or was it toilet graffiti by 3year old? No effort drawing as such. Nothing. Music ok. But thats it.

Well. I give you MINUS ONE star.

Keep polishing over and over, eventually it will reach 10 stars. If you want it to be polished...
But the hard truth is.. yes, it is at present state .. useless garbage.

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MacSimon responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Here's the response:


-Effort? I decided to go the SWF way instead of the PNG for the comic. But thanks.

-Not really that much of practice. Just a few chords and a bad mic. = )


- I actually put it there because most of the flash movies up here do that, i figured, hey why not? Also i still don't know how to do that button thing.

- I actually put it was helpful. I didn't do that. Man, people here are full of judgements.

- Oh, there's an scenario, you should check the comic for that reference.

And i really, really am looking foward to your first submission, Crazycheese. No wonder, by your amazing reviews and your knowledge of buttons in Flash will make it the best thing ever. My thights just tremble every time i think about that moment.