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The Truth (4/20 Flash)

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Listen guys, this flash may not be the best in the world but judge it on the information its giving not the quality.

EDIT: I've noticed some grammar errors, please excuse them. I made this at night and I was really tired, thanks.



THC, what makes you high, can cause brain damage and memory loss with prolonged use. In addition Smoking anything causes damage to the lungs and cells to be harmed. Marijuana's smoke is very similar to tobaco, as far as how much it hurts you lungs and body over all. so if you smoke as much weed as a "average" smoker does tabaco, your just as fucked or slightly more since your brain will be heavily damaged as well. Now it's illegal for more than one reason, I don't know them all but here goes. 1: it is a, albeit mild, halucinagen. Meaning it can cause you cause you to see things that are not there and can disrupt your perception of reality. ALTHOUGH, this only happens with extreme use. 2: Family guy is partly right. Weed was smeared by a paper company. But it was also rejected by "polite" society, around the same time as prohibition of alcohol. And alcohol is a damned old tradition, one people like to keep. So prohibition was lifted and people drank, instead of bothering with smoking. 3: A small amount of pot can impair your 3d perception far more than alcohol. Making a high driver just as dangerous as a buzzed, via drinking, driver. That's most of the reasons I've recalled about the legality. Now as to why most people don't like it. 1: Weed smells terrible, and weed smoke smells worse than tabaco. 2: No, you can't act normal when you are high. You think you can, the same way a drunk person thinks they act normal. Your actions will be slightly delayed and you speech will approach that of slurring. 3: You will not be able to function with out it. I've seen too many friends who started with a bit of pot and then they do nothing but smoke. It starts with getting high at work, then ends with your coworkers and boss getting tired of your shit. I've met a total of two fully functional pot smokers who can smoke a little, go to work, not be a burden, and not annoy anybody. I've met twenty other people that smoke while at work, they get fired a lot or never get a job with any responsibility and thus crap pay. Lastly, marijuana can in no way shape or form, cure cancer. The reaction of THC and two other chemicals in marijuana can surpress some tumors, that is it. Cancer is still in the bodies system. The "medical" usage of pot is slim and is nothing but a cheap pain killer. That is all. It's "medical" use is the same as it's social use, it takes the physical pain away for a short time.

I used to Smoke Marijuana, for two years. I spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of time doing nothing but smoking pot. If you wanna lock yourself in a room and get high off of your ass, go ahead. But stay the hell out of the world while your messed up. Nobody like to deal with a high person. Be it in line for something, interactions for goods, of avoiding them on the road. I suggest any body that does smoke to record themselves and watch the footage at a point when they are sober. What you think your doing and what you are doing are going to be a bit different.

0 stars for sudo intellectual garbage. 1 star for attempting to draw.

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Besides the Weed part, you are getting into an off topic portion of this whole review. I mean it doesn't even have anything to do with my flash. Not once have I ever talked about Alchohol and driving buzzed once, and Family Guy? Lol.

Turn on your local news station and honestly tell me how many people get into a car crash whilst "Buzzed".

Also I didn't put it out there that it cures cancer, I said " Who knows, maybe it could even cure cancer "

I bet you think you know all because you use to smoke marijuana. Little did you know that you were just being controlled by the government not to smoke marijuana, what your being told is mostly complete bullshit honestly.

Rate based on information?

Were Newgrounds a site to promote learning, I'd likely rate this flash based upon the information contained within, however, it is a site for entertainment and thus I am compelled to rate it based on quality. As such, I can't rate it very highly; there was hardly any animation, just a series of stickmen drawings with text.

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I like how you talk about how their was only stickmen and no information when there was clearly drawings and text leading up to other drawings and text. The newgrounds rating system is corrupt in so many ways for you to actually give me a 0, showing you have no idea what your even talking about.


You say weed isnt harmful, but smoking it is. Nearly all marijuana users smoke it, and that makes it harmful. And chances are, it definitely won't cure cancer.


You wouldn't know, and it's possible to EAT marijuana

Animation ?

I certainly agree with what you say, although I personally don't smoke or do drugs, but I fell this flash could've been more interesting if you, say, hired an artist to animate this. That way, people could pay more attention.


Despite the members of newgrounds voting your opinion useless because they are controlled by the government, thanks.

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Apr 20, 2011
10:51 PM EDT