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Author Comments

This is per http://www.xkcd.com/888/ ~ a "heavenly" version of Tetris. Wait for the yellow single-block to expand in a hallelujah of line-fitting miraculousness. If it works right. ;)

ETA: added basic TGM algorithm as well as wall kick. Thanks for the suggestions!

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it's good for a laugh definately. when i first seen this game, i was laughing my head off at the "heaven" piece

One star. For the code.

I'm sorry but... this is just a poor man's tetris. It has no music, the blocks are less responsive and the 'helper' blocks don't even function right (note, if you hold down to make them slide in, it all bursts before the blocks are in place, leaving parts of it cluttering the screen to be removed)

Good effort.

I played for a while, good game

Good idea, not so good execution.

I LOVE the idea of a magic Tetris block that fits exactly where you need it, but for this to be heaven, the golden block would have to WORK consistently. Otherwise it's just another Tetris clone. (Golden block issues aside, it is a pretty good one.)


Heavenly certainly does belong in quotes, because this game is really anything but. Don't worry I am not going to senselessly bash on it. I am going to tell you why I don't like it and why I am giving it 0/10 and 0/5.

1. First and foremost it doesn't work properly, the blocks often stick when they should fit. creating pockets where there should be none. That problem alone makes the game not worth playing, The helper blocks are a nice addition but really don't make up for how poorly the game works.

2. Probably what gets on most peoples nerves before they even notice that the game doesn't work right is the annoying beat. Not really music just a beat. And search as one may, there is no way to kill it aside from muting your system.

3. It is tetris, barring all of the games other failings you need to bring something new to the table for it to really be worth anything more than an average score. Though the thought of turning a comic strip into a game is fun, it looses its novelty quickly. The joke is also a bit lost on people who either don't read xkcd or don't bother to follow your link.

4. The helper blocks allow you to turn them... Once.. If you don't get the objective of the blocks. Or just happen to accidentally turn it. It kind of screws you. either make it so you can't turn it at all, or that you can turn it as much as you want.

I think the game could be fun but fix the major issues first. Go through it, check the bugs, Then look at the helper blocks try thinking of a way to add them to the game without making it seem like tetris for lazy people (which would be a better name). Keep trying.

kaolinfire responds:

I appreciate your comments. While the "heaven" gimmick isn't meant to be a fully-balanced thing (it was taken from an xkcd gag), you make a number of valid points. 1) should be fixed now, except in odd cases where the screen is horribly resized (don't ask?). 2) sound toggle enabled. 4) wall kick enabled to massage the weird rotation. :)

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2011
7:48 PM EDT