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Mass Mayhem 3

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We are back with our most favourite violent game; Massive Mayhem 3, with more bloody carnage, more deadly weapons and new devious objectives! Our deranged war hero is back for more violence and he is set on destroying everything on his path.

Massive Mayhem 3 features a new environment with plenty of new vehicles and buildings to wreck and combo killings to collect. You will also have secret areas to explore and some fun bonus material to unlock. Massive Mayhem 3 has been pushed to the limits and should be even more addicting than the two first games. Unleash your fury and have fun playing this little violent gem.

Arrows to move
Spacebar to attack


Good job

I wonder who's paying me to do this shit


Great game but sometimes lags :/


it is a bit laggy and how the hell do u roast a boar!

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If you switch from the spear to anything else and back again, you can continue to impale as much as you want to, it always resets.

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Fun Game

This was a fun game. It's an excellent way to burn off some frustration from a long day at the office or at school.

I enjoyed the music and the game mechanics. Using the bow and arrow was a fun bit of challenge but a breeze to use once I figured out how it handled. The hardest weapon to use is the Plasma Launcher. I tend to avoid using it unless the mission criteria requires it. The jet pack was a lot of fun once I figured out how to use the burn option on it to ignite people and objects to save ammo.

Some things I found buggy about this was the ability to mid-air lock yourself in the kneeling position to fire a weapon. Though this bug is useful for some of the missions, it takes away the challenge of trying to take out an objective secretly since you can sit in the air just outside of the enemy's range and they won't react to you pulling the weapon as opposed to being on the ground. I know the helicopter sinking in the water and eliminate space invader would be difficult without this trick, but that could add a whole new level of expertise with the rocket launcher's guidance systems.
Another odd bug was in the way the cheat codes for unlimited ammo cripple the land mines unless you refresh the page and start over. It's a pain when I want to just rampage without a limit on how many shots I go ballistic with versus after doing the refresh trick just maxes everything's stats.
Final thing that bothered me is the meat puppets. I enjoy thoroughly slaughtering them all, but I'd like to see some opposition show up to spice things up from mission to mission. One would think some level of law enforcement would show with the level of chaos I'm spilling. Hell, it would be a bit of fun sometimes to have an enemy firing back. I thought for a split second maybe the shark, zombies, boars, helicopters, or yeti might try to fight or maybe I'd get sliced and diced by the helicopter's blades for flying through them. Maybe a sandbox mode can be brought out in future installments that will revive people and enemies to kill over and over for all our killing delight?

Still, even with the few complaints, this is a fun game to rampage and release stress upon. Can't wait for round 4!

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Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2011
3:00 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other