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Magi: The Fallen World

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Hunter 5 Points

Kill 20 monsters.

Looter 5 Points

Have more than 2000 gold.

Explorer 10 Points

Have more than 10000 gold.

Slayer 10 Points

Kill 200 monsters.

Chief 25 Points

Save an island.

Legend 25 Points

Kill 500 monsters.

Treasure Hunter 25 Points

Have more than 50000 gold.

Hardcore 20 50 Points

Reach level 20 in hardcore mode.

Hero 50 Points

Save 3 islands.

Author Comments

Please check for the correct version in the preloader.

Update 1.07:
- Fixed a quest reward displaying bug.
- Fixed all the medals.

Choose your character, search quests, explore dungeons, fight powerful monsters, discover lost treasures, and play endless adventures!

This is an Action-RPG game set in a large World randomly created at the start of every "New Game".

Help & Tips:
- You can scroll the island map using the arrow keys by default.
- Go back to the main menu and reload your profile will regenerate all dungeons and monsters.
- The first island is pretty easy. The real challenge starts when you arrive at the second island.
- Try adding vitality if you are dying too often.
- NPCs are randomly generated, if you can't find a weapon-smith, try another castle.
- There are always one teleport stone every third floor of a dungeon.
- There are four bonus modes, they can be triggered when any of your character meet the level requirements.
- You may select multiple bonus mode at the same time.
- You can assign your own hotkeys in the game option menu.
- Every 5 points in willpower will reduce your cooldown rate by 0.1 second.
- If you accidentally sold a quest item, just go back to the main menu and reload your profile, you can find the item in the dungeon again.

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-When i changed the controls - controls broke in tutorial battle.
-I hate when classes are bound to gender. Why ??
-Animation of melee attacks isn't good.
-Total Facerolling
-Warrior is most profitable, because strengh increase the inventory - disbalance to mage.

What i liked - music and gameplay.

Excellent game. Great at everything! Played both classes and, at least for the first 3 islands, the Warrior is a beast while the Mage is somewhat weaker. Sound, graphics and music are all solid.

Mechanics aren't very complicated but also not "dumbed down". A very enjoyable experience. Congratulations.

However, there is something that keeps this game from a perfect score: There is no limitation for potion quaffing whatsoever and, after a while, it is possible to trample much stronger "star" mobs just by carrying a large supply of both potions. Since Warrior has absurdly high defense (armor mastery) and uses no mana to attack, using him makes it much easier to beat stronger enemies (it becomes a endurance test).

I actually wanted to enjoy this game and I gave it a slice of my time that I will never get back. Bugs, to steal the phrase "this things got more bugs than a bait shop". I particularly like the Russian Roulette with the personal stats, you never know when a stat is going to randomly go up or down. Or better yet drop to zero. Yeah makes for a whole lot of fun. For these and other crippling bugs I must give it a 1 and half stars and advise people to not even try this unless you are a glutton for punishment and disappointment.

Very good game and i enjoy it
tip based of my experience : for mage users choose item with stun and movement speed its really helpful add more to wisdom its really help for fast cool down(ice nova is really powerful skill)
warrior here are really overpower because of passive skills and just add more stats for dexterity because warrior got low accuracy.
sorry if my English bad

Really great game play and an excellent number of items, props for this extreamly great game. There are some bugs though because of the weapons speed it sometimes causes the game to freeze. Other than that its got my vote, 5/5