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Author Comments

Game Jam April 2011!

The Theme of this game Jam was Handicaps...

Mine was I could only use 3 colors...


So forgive me... but you'll be seeing a lot of them.

This is a Top Down Shooter

Keys are...

AWSD: Move
Space: RUN!

Don't bother turning your speakers up, there's no sound in this game. I wish I could have added sound but there just wasn't enough time.

Hope you guys enjoy now if you'll excuse me I haven't slept in two days, literally I am stuggling to type this with otut erreer...

Nighty Nighty.


YAHOO!!! Front Page, THANKS TOM!



Okay, so first and foremost it's fun. I like that it doesn't require the mouse, because being on a laptop makes mouse-oriented shooters a bitch. This pleasantly surprised me by making use of the arrows. The colors, while somewhat painful to look at after a while, give the game a sharp visual look despite the simplicity of it. I made it through the first 4 levels before biting it, and I'm likely going to try again shortly. While its silence was also surprising, it wasn't a bad thing- it made it more methodical and less run-and-game. While run-and-game was likely more the premise, the methodical feel works to your advantage.

My single greatest complaint is probably also one of the things that made this game so much fun- the ninjas. In a game where the hero is somewhat slower and more methodical, the speedy ninjas made a snap reaction nearly impossible and survival just a frustration. The game is otherwise smooth and in my opinion well done despite the limitations imposed upon you.

Congratulations, also, on making it to the front page.

8/10, 4/5.

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I GAVE YOU A 5!!! But it's not like you don't deserve it. Except for your, ehem, handicap (that didn't sound right) . Three words: OPTICAL. COLOR. MIXING. People don't find constant yellow annoying, but I do. So:
Plus toning darker by adding blue and lighter by adding yellow.

I didn't expect a shooter, but a retarded...shooter...puzzle...maybe. So, yeah, that was a pleasant surprise.

Controls were okay, but maybe (if you couldn't do mouse controls) you could make arrow-turning more sensitive and/or at least a dot to show you where are you shooting (that would help when you're just out of the enemy's line of sight or behind a wall trying to point him).

Wow, that's the most enormous amount of letters I seen myself do in a while. So, since I tried to write that much please consider my suggestions. Thank you. See ya. Awaiting other games.

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JoSilver responds:

I'm Glad you were pleasantly surprised (I would never do some stupid puzzle shooter... That's not my style!)

As for the colors I wanted every thing to be as high contrast as possible. If the the environment ever lost that contrast it was done on purpose. so blending colors everywhere would just make it harder to look at.

as for controls I didn't want to use the mouse. I chose this set up because I felt it would work best and more importantly I wanted to do something different.
Guess I could add some sort of pointer to give you a better idea of what your shooting at but it seems to me simply face the general direction is more than enough to hit everything.

Also, write long reviews, everybody appreciates a long and well though out review of they're work, even if they don't agree with it.


The color scheme is interesting and I suspect that was the main reason it was made.

The head-down view is frustrating and sometimes makes the game harder then it should be. It's also unclear at which point the enemy becomes aware of you. The controls take some getting use to.

As it is, pretty fun, decent shooter with a neat visual style.

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Not too shabby

My major complaint is definitely the lack of sound, but overally the game wasn't bad. The controls took some getting used to, but once I "got it," its actually a pretty effective setup.

The invisible guys are a pain in the ass, though.

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JoSilver responds:

Glad you liked it.

I wanted the ninjas to be like "HOLY THERES A NINJA OUTTA NOWHERE" I guess I accomplished that.

Needs one thing

Mouse aim controls

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JoSilver responds:

I strongly disagree.

You see if I add mouse aim it would ruin the game. It would eliminate the need for you to proceed with caution. It's would eliminate the fear of being surrounded. and it would make navigating the winding corridor structure of the levels more difficult and also make you lose too much focus on whats directly in front of you.

This game was design around the concept that you can't run in guns blazing and expect to live. you have to focus your fire and mind your surroundings.

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Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2011
8:29 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional