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Game Jam April 2011!

The Theme of this game Jam was Handicaps...

Mine was I could only use 3 colors...


So forgive me... but you'll be seeing a lot of them.

This is a Top Down Shooter

Keys are...

AWSD: Move
Space: RUN!

Don't bother turning your speakers up, there's no sound in this game. I wish I could have added sound but there just wasn't enough time.

Hope you guys enjoy now if you'll excuse me I haven't slept in two days, literally I am stuggling to type this with otut erreer...

Nighty Nighty.


YAHOO!!! Front Page, THANKS TOM!


Quite wonderful.

I wasn't sure what kind of game to be expecting when I started this, and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm actually not sure if I've ever played a top-down shooter where the camera moves around the person like that, so it was an interesting new experience for me.

Anyway, the controls worked well (although I completely forgot about running until after I had beaten the game...), and the three colors were implemented excellently into the game. It very rarely seemed obnoxious, which I was happy about. The enemies had just the right amount of difficulty, and the ability to build up ammo quickly was very satisfying. The ninjas and normal enemies had some AI that was a bit more interesting than just following the character (like when they veer off to the side or run away), which was also nice.

As everyone has said, this would've been even nicer with sound effects and music. And perhaps a better ending. And maybe a story. But now I'm stretching it a bit, and the game would probably become cumbersome and less pick-up-and-play with a story. The boss fight was fun, though it took me a little while to understand how to do it. Do I shoot him? Do I bring him to the electricity and shock him with it? I figured it out eventually, but perhaps if you had put some sort of an indication that he was being protected by the side things, it would've been a bit easier.

...or maybe it's better having to figure it out. I'm not sure...

All in all, this was a fun game to play. I had a good time, and I hope you continue to make games (hopefully with sound).


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JoSilver responds:

Glad you liked it.

I really tryed my best to make sure that every aspect of this game was a good as it could be, from the controls to the graphics it was all crafted with love.

It's funny how the AI worked out you see the main reason for there sometimes erratic behavior is that they can't always decide if it's better to head straight for you or try to get to you through a by following a predetermined path. I plan on improving the this engine for future game by making so that can decide which is better but also to sometimes ignore which is better and do anything.

maybe I'll add sounds I don't know I'm still pretty tired from making this but one thing that I wanted to do was add audio ques to the boss to get make it easier to figure out if you're hurting him. like make him laugh when you first try to shoot him.

And don't you worry, more games will come!

Aaaawww sound please.... pretty please

The game you created here (on your own, being the only team-member) for the game jam is awesome. You coped well with the colour handicap and the engine is really fun to play.

It's sad that you couldn't add the sound but I would reaaaaally love to see it with sound someday. You should consider updating it when you get to it.

Adding the ability to run was really a good idea, but when running it is hard to control everything properly. I think you would have been better if the down arrow key was the RUN button, since you use the other three arrows anyway and it's uncomfortable to stretch your hand over to the spacebar from either WASD or the arrows.

Also when I tried to move in circles while running and shooting the char didn't turn anymore. (too many buttons at the same time? :P)

Apart from that it's really fun. I think the ninjas where an awesome idea and the boss fight was pretty hard until you find out how to handle him.

All in all a great entry and if you had had the time to add sound it would have been even better.

Good job!

5/5 & 10/10

JoSilver responds:

Thanks glad you liked it.

when it comes to the spacebar for running I found the spacebar works best, I tryed the down arrow but than it becomes hard to shoot and run. and also yeah there are only so many button pressed flash will pick up sadly (adobe needs to fix it).

I really kinda wanna leave this one as is. I polished it as much as I could and sent it off.

But that does mean I wanna abandon it, I created a pretty complex engine for this game and I wanna experiment more with it.

Also thank for playing.... CONTRAST!!!

Was awesome!

I loved it! Struggled at the end though (found a glitch outside the wall) I was up till 5am for some stupid reason... even with the lack of sleep I got over the weekend from this Jam. It's been fun man! :)

JoSilver responds:

Fun it has been... remind me to never do that again... :|


Good work and good luck :)

JoSilver responds:

Thanks man!

Not too shabby

My major complaint is definitely the lack of sound, but overally the game wasn't bad. The controls took some getting used to, but once I "got it," its actually a pretty effective setup.

The invisible guys are a pain in the ass, though.

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JoSilver responds:

Glad you liked it.

I wanted the ninjas to be like "HOLY THERES A NINJA OUTTA NOWHERE" I guess I accomplished that.

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2011
8:29 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional