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Dragon's Cave (Beta)

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Author Comments

Info and controls are below.

Hi All,

If you are having trouble with not being able to control any of the rocks with your keyboard, we'd really appreciate it if you could provide some details to help us solve the issue. What would be really useful is the following:

- Your operating system (windows/mac/...)
- Your flash player version (if you right-click on the Wizard's Cave game it should say in the menu)
- Whether you have a PS/2 or USB keyboard
- Whether your keyboard is set up for the en-US language or not, and if it is an international keyboard
- The name and version of your browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, ...)
- Anything else that you think might affect the flash player (eg, any keyboard settings you may have changed in your operating system)

Thanks again for your time, reviews, assistance, and patience!


Use your magic spells to help the Wizard Escape the Dragon's Cave!

This was made in 72 hours for the Game Jam Competition right here on NewGrounds!
Our themed 'handicap' was to "use 20 keys or more for the controls".

The controls are: Q, A, W, S, E, D, R, F, T, G, Y, H, U, J, I, K, O, L, P, :
Space Bar: Skip Cut Scene/Start Run
Esc: Pause
M: Mute Music
Z: Reveal hints

We plan to release more levels in the future if this game is a success. Please review and critique.

Thank you,
Sam & Vector.

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the first rock in the first level has only Q on the up arrow and nothing else on the down arrow, what do i press to make it go down?

no rating yet


good sence of humer but i found the game kinda hard probably becase im not used to games like this tho.

Keyboard issues

First, lemme say. GREAT concept.
None of the keys work for me. I'm on a Macbook with OSX 10.6.1. My browser is Safari 5.0.4. I'm using the built-in (international?) keyboard (with characters like ç ¿? ª built in).
My Flash version is 10,1,102,64.
I hope this helps, and I certainly hope to be able to play this in the near future. The game looks fan-freaking-tastic, though. 10/10.

Very creative! Also very challenging. D:

This is quite a fun game! I do like the concept a lot, and it was a good way to fit the restriction given to make this game. The levels got a lot more difficult than I expected them to become, and the magical rocks provided even more of a decent challenge. I like all the things that the player has to judge at once; whether they can keep enough time to press Space and escape in time, which rocks they don't need to move, whether the rocks can get in position in time, and which button does what. It's fun, although as done in this game, it's rather challenging...

I very much hope you continue making this game, as I feel the 72 hours given might not have been enough to balance the difficulty enough or make more entertaining gimmicks. There are a few frustrating parts that make the challenging levels even more challenging. First, the rocks have far too little friction. I know it's midair, but it's also a flash game. :P ...So perhaps more friction and acceleration in the rocks' movement could make the game less frustrating, though could very well keep it challenging if done correctly. I also suggest a maximum speed; that might help judgment, too.

Also, it's annoying to judge whether there's enough time to get to the end before the dragon's magic spell runs out, and when there's not, it's annoying to see our poor wizard getting toasted just before reaching the end. So perhaps the flames could go a little slower to make it easier to judge, or the Space key could just stop the bar at the top completely. It's your game, so you can think about it. ;D

Maybe a little incentive not to get burned would be nice, because it's rather rewarding to look over all the stones one time and see the best way to move them all, even if our wizard does acquire a few fatal injuries in the process. After that, the only gripe I have is how necessary it is to hold down lots of keys at once; some keyboards don't allow that, from what I know. But maybe I don't know all that much, either. :P

Don't get me wrong, however! This game is brilliant! The idea is quite creative and could be a lot more fun with a little tweaking. The graphics and animations are very beautiful and pleasing to watch. For some reason, I particularly like watching the wizard cast his spell on the dragon (who also is well drawn). ...And I couldn't help taking a screenshot of the wizard getting burned just to see how silly he looked. (Very silly, in fact, in a nice contrast to the rest of the game!) The music also contributes to the epic feel of the game, as do the sound effects. Overall, I congratulate you on a job well done with this game. Now just go past your initial 72 hours to polish it some more, add some levels, and balance the difficulty curve. I see a very fun game coming out of this!

I hope you enjoyed five paragraphs of my opinions. Hopefully this doesn't stretch the page too much, and hopefully this game goes far.


I can't seem to press any keys to make it work, although it does seem to be a fun game. I'm using a windows, IE, keyboard.

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2011
4:08 AM EDT